The Galaxy S4 twin – LG flagship handset released G2

as South Korea, another consumer electronics manufacturers, in the field of smartphone is far from its predecessor – samsung electronics. However, published yesterday in New york G2 , both in terms of appearance, but also from the configuration is considered imitating and challenge the Galaxy S4 the competitors.

let’s take a look at the appearance of the phone: (below)

this is perhaps the most narrow border I have ever seen a mobile phone, 5.2 inch screen than the Galaxy slightly larger. In addition, the G2 also used the smooth rounded design style, the only difference is that it will be below the brand logo on the phone.


G2 :

qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 2.3 G quad-core processors

2 g RAM

Android 4.2.2 system


IPS screen resolution 1920 x1080

16/32 g

the fuselage storage, or lend support Micro SD card expansion, the rest does not support the

the rear camera 1300 mega pixels, support 1080 video, front cameras 210 all

others: bluetooth 4.0 , NFC , Hi – Fi

Configuration in

G2 and the Galaxy S4 are very similar, the biggest difference appears on the screen. the Galaxy S4 is AMOLED screen, and G2 is IPS screen. Overall, the Galaxy S4 visual wallop more, imaging slant red; The G2 imaging slant blue.

although the outside world are criticized G2 to the Galaxy S4 copying, however, G2 customized function is prominent:

1. all buttons are placed in the mobile phone back cover

G2 the power button and volume keys are placed in the mobile phone back, this is the most prominent feature of the phone.

the new layout, can keep the cell phone as a whole look more relaxed and easy, can also be further simple user operation. Users in the process of call, for example, with only a finger can adjust the volume.

2. Human gestures operation function

users by using three fingers slide to the right, G2 will be able to present the three most recently used applications for the user. On the contrary, if the slide to the left, the user can quickly into the into your favorite applications. SildeAside is the number of mobile phone applications function, and the application of commonly used sets.

and G2 also has a “ KnockON “function, the user through the light screen twice, can unlock the phone.

3. powerful phone

G2 with extremely rich camera filters, the VR panorama mode, allows users to shoot the photos of the scene is similar to Google. In addition to the poor under the condition of weak light imaging, the phone photograph are very clear, and the operation is very smooth.

4. To protect the privacy of tourists pattern

in order to protect the privacy of our users, G2 mobile a visitor mode ( Guest Mode ). When your friend want to use your mobile phone, you can start the tourists mode, decided to let them use which application.

5. Phone out-of-the-box

G2 operation is very simple, almost can reach the level of the box. Not only that, the user can also according to their own aesthetic, arbitrarily change application ICONS on the appearance. You can even set the drop-down in the notice, shown in the toolbar and the number of applications.

, official hasn’t released the price of the phone and the official release date.

as the Galaxy S4 , G2 – obviously the purpose of imitation and seize market. However, with the G2 brand awareness and market marketing ability, than its imitators differ a class, so take market dream want to on the phone, seems to be difficult to achieve. nullnull