The expert inside course of study: the development of the extreme power consumption has become a Windows shortcomings

I touch the equipment can be a fan. To me, those who are called “computer” products will eventually become a DE facto tablet: whether it be in a pocket, in your hands or wear on your wrist.

the most worth looking forward to this week, in addition to the upcoming release of the Microsoft Surface and sale of five Pro 2. Pro 2 is a carrying Intel’s new chips, also running the latest Microsoft system. Because I see it as a future Win Win 2-3 years series flat bar. Similar to the future of the about 7 in the series.

I have used the first generation of Surface Pro, dissatisfaction with the product the biggest lies in its poor battery life. Of course, after all, it was running Windows X86 architecture, and save electricity ARM architecture tablet can’t compared also. A new generation Surface Pro 2 changed into the low electric Haswell Intel processors, there should be a lot of progress? Unfortunately, I saw the battery test:

this is the Internet Wifi network life time, under the Wifi connection on the Internet should be the most daily tablet usage scenarios, so the test and reference significance. Surface Pro 2 battery life of 6.7 hours, compared with the Surface Pro 4.7 hours life progress by 47%. But I expected before Surface Pro 2 to double life? The standard of life ascending to the Surface Pro 2 is still unable to compete with other tablet.

maybe you will ask, can use the seven hours, is not bad, right? And Surface Pro 2 is not the traditional flat, take it to tablet, isn’t it unfair? Well, then, we compare it with the notebook to compare. 2013 apple MacBook Air 13 “version under the Wifi network browse the range up to 14.28 hours, 11 inch version is 11.10 hours. MacBook Air lower your screen resolution and do not touch, but its chips, memory and other configuration and Surface Pro 2 similar (i5-4200 – u CPU/LG DDR3 memory).

Surface Pro 2 is equipped with 42 wh batteries, close to 11 inch MacBook Air. And 11 inches Air range is almost twice the Surface Pro 2! Microsoft to pay out a disgrace report card.

Windows in power management is too weak, it’s not news. We review the assessment in 2009. Paragraph 15 inches Macebook Pro 2009, apple OS X, the original is different from Windows system environment, life appeared a huge difference between

more than eight hours, to five and a half hours!

what is more can’t understand is:

1, since 2009 to the present, lightweight Windows system using power management level under the condition of no progress. Or the gap between Windows and Mac OS is more and more big.

2. Microsoft Windows 8 is regarded as an operating system can be used in tablet. Even as it is equipped with big color piece interface in a tablet. However, with its standby power management mechanism is too weak, cannot compete with Mac OS X computer operating system, and how to talk with apple’s mobile operating system iOS competition? !

(Intel Atom family new chip architecture Bay Trail is said to be the future can take the deformation of ascension to 8.6 hours. However, Intel is not a monopoly for Microsoft. Such chips can achieve a better life on OS X)

look at an example. If you have any 2013 MacBook Air, load it with Windows 8, see what happens?


2013 13 inch MacBook Air range at an alarming 14 hours 25 minutes (the screen brightness 100 CD/m2, insert the headset, Wifi, bluetooth and screen backlight off), under the same conditions to run Windows 8, battery life is only 7 hours and 40 minutes. Return calculate can, of course. But compared with the original life completely unable to.

compared with the data of 2009, when the Windows under the condition of the Win conditions worse than 26% of the life, now the gap has widened to nearly 50%. Microsoft should feel ashamed.

I with Anandtech team a brief communication. We are not sure why Microsoft Windows life so badly. Before Microsoft often put the blame for the poor life of third-party bad driver. However, on the Surface so Microsoft hardware factory also have no life improved significantly.

has yet to explain why Microsoft Windows standby life why so bad. , but the situation is clear Windows for this bad life, will hinder its development prospect in tablet.

the author Jeff Atwood is famous software developers, blogger, entrepreneurs in the United States. He is a Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange Network co-founder.