The eu and then ask the “unified charger specifications”, apple from charging line?

it is understood that the European internal market committee (IMC) in a suggested yesterday that the world should formulate unified charger specifications. IMC pointed out that the aim is to help consumers try to avoid buying unnecessary equipment accessories.

politicians in Germany, the European parliament member Barbara Weiler said: “our hope is that all members of the equipment manufacturers to form a standardized charger specifications, so that you can solve the smartphone and tablet clutter charging line on the market situation.”

in fact, this is not a surprising news. Although the eu without the charger for compulsory standards, but in recent years, the group has been committed to the unity of the specifications of the charger system. 2010 year, the eu will Micro USB as the official standard of electronic charger, and then, almost all of the European consumer electronics manufacturers, use the Micro USB as a charger interface.

the apple will be in the New system the silicon valley technology giant iOS 7 block on unofficial third party interface charge line ( Lighting cable ) and charger. if the European Union by the offer in the form of legislation, perhaps apple only low noble head, obey. It is understood that in 2011, apple was in the Micro USB charging adapter.

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