The enemy of the smart TV is not all kinds of box, but the tablet!

you may already know, Forrester’s latest report wanted to emphasize again: the tablet is not simply the smartphone screen bigger! Both have many significant differences in various aspects, for example, where did you use, the use of the length of time, use way, all of this to application developers, marketers, manufacturers have great influence.

tablet market heating up, in the last quarter alone sold nearly 5000 ten thousand. This has led to continuous innovation, and constantly pushing in publishing, advertising, retailing, etc, by applying the optimization at the same time, make it better able to use on the tablet.

tablet: the use of smart phones and different scenarios

most people primarily use their tablet in the sitting room and bedroom, because the tablet can connect including WiFi .

Forrester data show that in addition to the use of larger proportion in the home, coffee shops, airports and hotels and other places of tablet to use relatively concentrated.

but for smart phones, it is a person holding a higher percentage of terminal equipment, because of its small and portable, people use the time and place of follow one’s inclinations. The tablet is more suitable for common use in the home and family, tablet, of course, also can use for a long time.

Forrester’s data also showed that compared with the smart phone, using the tablet people more rich, accepted the higher education. In addition, the tablet users are more willing to products and services is their personal opinions and Suggestions are put forward.

a Forrester research also pointed out that the diversity of these devices. Reading, send and receive E-mail, watching video, playing games and take photos, and other functions are all users frequently used functions. On one of the most commonly used 15 a function to classification analysis, browse the web, for the use of the most commonly used in proportion 68% , which is used to taking notes is the least commonly used functions, but also accounted for 26% . At present, also does not have a unified demand for people to buy tablet.

although the tablet market is relatively emerging markets, but the report suggests that the user is happy to accept a tablet, because it can cause a lot of technical change, family entertainment systems, for example, energy monitoring, etc.

tablet is more like the second screen

tablets are more suitable for the second piece of “screen” smart phones, when the TV is not the thing that oneself like, the screen has a role. When people use both also proving to each director.

according to Forrester’s data, web browse, product research and watching online video can be run on the second screen. But in general, social networks and chat or smart phone.

an interesting possibility is created: tablets may seriously affect the television advertising watching rate. Tablet for different media provides more means of advertising and marketing, and some application developers are trying to now.

, for example, Shazam to download the application, “the song” used to track the real-time TV news, so, in terms of application, it will certainly provide related news and information, but it may also push some advertising at the same time.

through research, Forrester found, people not only to play with tablet, also often used to work. 58% users questioned said they would spend every day 2.5 hours on the job, what’s more, some have a passion for tablet user even if don’t have to work to also said that they used to.

so, if these are authentic data and analysis, we think the market for application developers and tablet manufacturers.