The empire setting sun: HTC cut 20% of the United States

recently, about the HTC continuous fermentation on the media. First smartphone market retreat, executives, followed by “inside ghost leaks”. Today, about HTC cuts, proves again once the giant, the turbulent situation.

over the weekend, according to foreign media reports, science and technology HTC (USA) layoffs 30 . It is understood that the company has 150 work personnel. Sources said that the cuts on the multiple divisions of the company. Shortly thereafter, HTC (USA), confirmed the news, and said in a statement: “under the condition of the planned layoffs is very prudent. Though HTC has been growing for many years, but we need to further optimize combination, improve efficiency.

HTC (USA) President Jason Mackenzie said: “for us, this is a very sad day. Every leave employees will get the respect they deserve, and the company will provide employment opportunities for the employees.” When it comes to the purpose of the cuts, Mackenzie continued; “In addition to considering cutting costs, we also hope to help motivate our team, and constantly improve the decision-making and implementation ability.”

recently, HTC at once. Poor market performance for insiders to HTC current has a great mistrust. Reuters reported a HTC internal staff has said that due to the hasty decision Mr Chou, let HTC the future of the lost.

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