The dust settles, qidian wu “refuge” tencent

(editor: ma kai)

, according to internal mail a letter from tencent tencent have invested qidian wu team. This means that, above the starting point in the wave of mystery finally solved.

recently, shanda literature represented by xiao-qiang hou group management and the starting point of the represented by wu founding team because of contradictions can’t reconcile, eventually lead to go their separate ways.

period, the industry also reported about shanda literature of “insider”, but about wu team does not always clear. Also once baidu to poaching.

wu himself in response to the matter said “don’t know why tencent will released this message.”

the following internal mail for tencent literature:


just leadership from a superior instructions, specific as follows:

1. The starting point of the original wu team has complete investment cooperation agreement with tencent, provided by tencent literary men they are responsible for the frequency content.

2. Tencent original and huaxia from this day to stop any male frequency content in the form of contract, including a buyout and into. Has signed the work contract to you after how to deal with the need to communicate with superiors.

on your contract if you have any questions, requirements, can be free to ask, please write clearly want to know about problems and needs, and then in the form of mail sent to:, editorial office after the unified arrangement, as soon as possible and superior leadership research solutions, to give you accurate reply.

reiterate: only send mail to, we will make a positive response.

we to give you any inconvenience very sorry!!!!!!

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