The development of light application should do? How to do?

the author: gifted as President of UC xiao-peng he source: genesis

this year, China merchants bank credit card center with tencent promotes its WeChat public account, good results have been achieved. Many friends told me that they all know that China merchants bank in micro the letter there is a public account to pay the credit card bill, but more long time of China merchants bank to launch App is not impressed.

this is an example that, now the new into the mobile Internet entrepreneurs or traditional enterprise, may be more should consider is how to reasonable use of the App, light generated application to import and active users, rather than starting from scratch “infrastructure”.

this article embarks from the product level, and to explore the development of light application.

veteran appreciation, recruits assault

I’m in the light application, is not just a Web App, light applications can provide three-dimensional efficient distribution system, and greatly reduce development costs. So, in theory, in addition to the application of system underlying capacity requirements (such as 3 d animation), and other application should consider the layout of the light – it’s already occupy the mobile Internet mountains Apps another important incremental channels, new entrants, the applications of the long tail can apply light as the main product form.

the former belongs to the second on the basis of the original brand value. But in the long run, I think the latter will be the size of the application of ecological subject, including the movement of the traditional enterprise informatization (light enterprise applications), HTML 5 games (light), and small and medium-sized PC Internet service provider migration, suggest that we pay more attention to.

say first light enterprise applications. According to the situation now, traditional enterprise for all kinds of hardware development Native App, and then make your own distribution and active, is really not easy, don’t have to.

, for example, suppose a famous tourist attractions need to be a mobile application, for users to query information, booking tickets. If do a Native App, before thinking is “research and development, marketing, get the user (installed) – promotion activity – profit”, the whole chain node is connected in series, the former is the necessary premise of the latter, each link user and benefits will be lost.

but if do is light, can make a few link relationship into a “parallel”. Such as the Web App development is completed, the view can access the UC browser Web application center free promotion, can also be paid to the search engines, portals, alliance or station traffic promotion, users click on the links to access to the corresponding service interface (the point is what you get), with the users pay form for further demand (profit). Regardless of the pay or not, the light can be through the UC + application bookmarks, prompt the user to save, making convenience for secondary use (user access, active promotion).

the above example, the “profit” and “user”, “promotion activity” is parallel relationship, that your traffic to promote profit of the reentry after don’t have to get to the user first, but immediately when the demand generation can reap the benefits, and convert the users to your active users for a long time.

in the future, more mature will follow in the UC browser based enterprise mobile information solutions, to provide more interface more transparent and opening up, can customize the fool a light application, contains the program icon and splash screen, home page and the menu element. At the same time, we will continue to improve security levels to ensure the security of the interaction between the user and the service, such as open wi-fi hotspots for data encryption, a large number of kernel levels of data security optimization (prevent malicious storage, etc.), and pay treasure and secure payment of unionpay cooperation, the future will be based on the kernel U3 launch more security features. As a result, whether large traditional companies or roadside small shops, have opportunity to embrace mobile Internet low cost, high efficiency.

light game again. I think next year’s entrepreneurial teams into HTML 5 games best point in time, for four reasons:

1) performance is improved. Thanks to the ability of the App calls to mobile phone hardware, such as UC browser since version 9.3, the three versions will strengthen support for HTML 5, ability through hardware and algorithm optimization, the overall efficiency of execution can be quickly promoted to 3 ~ 5 times, now more than Chrome browser;

2) mature development and distribution environment. Each big business enterprises have begun to launch even shaping of HTML 5 game development and debugging tools, super App is to strengthen the distribution channels;

start stage 3) industry, manufacturers and project is less, also will soon enter the beaching period;

4) screen interaction will be the initial rise next year, the game on the PC, mobile phone, tablet and TV cross-platform must be a big trend. And it in terms of cross-platform rapid development, has a great advantage.

is finally the PC Internet service migration. Most of the small and medium-sized Internet service provider actually all understand, mobile Internet must go in, but on the other hand Native App has proven to be the wasted effort, we had a very hard. And light application reflects the individual characteristics of resources, a book, a TV show, one from the media, the content of the small individual can become a light application – in other words, with the aid of the App, light application eliminated a substantial promotion, research and development costs, help developers to return to the most core content level. After all, many users the most concern is not the application itself, but a good content, so long as has the good content and services, no matter which platform, developers in the would is supported by the user. Apparently, for many small and medium-sized spending limited PC Internet service providers, light application than Native App is more suited to embrace the carrier of the mobile Internet.

the specific form, I suggest that new entrants is best to use the Web App this model, the cost is lower. For those who have made the developer of the App, can consider to combine their own features, and UC, WeChat, weibo etc. Super App form based on the demand chain upstream and downstream interaction, such as a Native App to UC + the plug-in, based on the user browsing behavior to provide services, more be called scenes; If because of the product features to this kind of interaction, and users, the slow development in scale also suggests to Web App.

also need to mention Web App development language. Said in the past to the Web App will be replace the Native App in the future, you mention it, seems to be the industry are looking forward to a complete revolution. But now in fact by HTML4 + JavaScript technology, coupled with the browser, such as super App for hardware call ability enhancement, also can make ability very good Web App, can fully meet the needs of users. So, need not too limited to HTML 5 developers or HTML4 (probably the latter more practical some current).

plug-in: scenario trigger

make sure good product direction, went into the development phase of the formal. Because UC + light application platform is divided into the plug-in with Web App two forms, so I also is divided into two parts to talk about some light application of specific recommendations.

in the first place for plug-ins, its essence is a kind of “Native App based on super App”. Compared with the closed-end Native Apps now, I think the biggest difference lies in the specific use in the design scenario of trigger mechanism, contain the demand, the full path to the content and service consumption, should be complete be well versed in, there is a kind of interactive relationship, which involves the vertical light application with super App calls, even the horizontal cooperation between different light applications.

Super App + Light App extended architecture can make users personalized options to maximize, but developers can’t count on users actively to check your application – in fact most users will not do it, so the Light application in the development process should make full use of the App open interfaces and applicable scenario, targeted to design some interaction remind way, precisely to influence users, that is “smooth demand – consumption path”.

after use, for example, a browser opens a Japanese website, may pop up a translation plugin to remind, ask the user whether to need to use, or “double ten” is coming soon, the user opens a electricity product page, will recommend an intelligent comparison with plug-ins. These examples, super App information browse the main demand with a plug-in specific scenario calls are closely integrated upstream and downstream relationships, conforms to the principle of precise trigger, is a kind of ideal activation process.

Web App: ability to use

but for Web App, I suggest that developers in the development process focused on the following:

1, using the basis of responsive design

in short, it is also an application, in different terminal access, can according to the proportion of the screen and so on environment adaptive, show different interfaces. Because of Internet service in the future will be across the screen, cover the terminal including PCS, mobile phones, tablet and TV, millet push smart TV recently, follow is the big trend. Responsive design, one can reduce operating costs, deployment, two users can enjoy the seamless transfer between different equipment services, consider: users with mobile browsing the site, inadvertently enter a commodity purchase page, and then you can simply synchronization on the television or tablet, terminal switching cost is almost zero. For each screen developers don’t have to restart the oven to make a new version, simply “synchronization”.

2, enhance the capacity of offline

this is mainly for Web App, use the App Cache, Local Storage technology, such as offline caching framework will be subject to the Local, at the same time to take a certain network update strategy, so basically can well solve the access speed and experience a lot of problems. Now this more mature is Google, Gmail, Google Docs and other applications on the mobile end have good experience.

3, reasonable use push power

Web App, mods, public account if system level ability to push, can have consistent with Native App basic ability and experience, increase operating space, all light application should consider integrating theoretically this kind of ability, including former intelligent recommendations mentioned in the article. Chrome PC version has introduced a browser-based Notification function, this year to push information directly to the desktop, and UC in the subsequent version will be the ability to move. Push, of course, must meet the “degree”, one not careful will be interference, forming a bad user experience. WeChat public accounts system after the launch, has been on trial and error revision push rules, cause it’s right here.

4, “moderate” interaction design

Web App interaction design can’t completely copy Native App, nor is a traditional style of WAP website, and should be somewhere in between. What features should be a kind of Native App experience, which functions can be used in a WAP link jump way, it will be measured according to the characteristics of the specific service. At present domestic has many Web App experience are very well, such as taobao, youku, 3 g portal, etc, which can be reference of the object. And plug-in is a Native App, the bottom of the core essence is between the browser and intermodulation, consideration should be given to retain the essence of the function, activation process cannot interrupt the path to the user’s demand, as far as possible on the morphology and the App complete fusion.

5, the promotion: traditional Web + new channels

traditional Web marketing channels has been very mature, such as flow), as long as according to the previous routines, can get good effect.

new channels including social channels, such as Web App Store model. Light application promotion has a natural advantage in social channels, Shared between friends, the point is what you get. Store mode has the bottleneck, but does not mean to abandon it now – of course, the premise is you of data to be authentic. Many developers take the initiative to feedback to us, their Web App in the center of the UC Web application performance, is an important reference for outside investment.

as a new ecological, open light application conforms to the mobile phone from the product form features, has the very broad prospects. Now can see is just the tip of the iceberg, no part of the surface under far beyond our imagination, I think breaking point will start from next year real, suggest that developers don’t miss the new opportunities.

and the App as a new ecological infrastructure, this should take responsibility and guide the market, more and more transparent to developers ability and standard. UC are working toward this aspect to do more preparation and bedding, recently launched UC + light application platform developers site and community, welcome to visit (address:, if you have any Suggestions and comments, please also tell us.

all in all, how to do the market, make the industry more healthy development, need everyone to work together to explore on the industrial chain.