The curse of the law of HTC by death

HTC not be able to recover. The Taiwanese phone maker fate, perhaps with its predecessor Siemens, Ericsson, MOTOROLA, nokia and blackberry, lose the possibility of independent operation, eventually collapse or acquired by other giant.

consulting firm Asymco analyst analyzes the mobile phone/smartphone industry company changes over the past ten years, produced a rule:

once a big mobile phone manufacturer started to loss, it’s fate is sealed: shut down or sold. A few of the independent recovery may.

Ericsson: loss of mobile phone business started in 2000, early in 2012 to sell mobile phone department

Siemens: loss of mobile phone business started in 2004, at the beginning of 2005 to sell

MOTOROLA mobility: in the first quarter of 2007 started to loss, bought by Google in early 2012.

SONY Ericsson: in 2008, the second quarter loss, Ericsson in 2012, incorporated into the SONY

nokia: in the second quarter of 2011 started to loss, has a buyout by Microsoft

the blackberry: in the first quarter of 2012 to losses, is seeking to sell

5 days ago and HTC released quarterly results showed: the sales of HTC one weak, a Taiwanese handset-maker appeared for the first time since the founding of a loss.

but still a company not to be captured in the law of “death” is the LG, has lost its mobile phone business department for many years. LG is quite special, however, its mobile phone division while continuing losses, but the company maintained a complex components product line, they are in good condition, to recharge their mobile phone. In other words: without excessive counting on phone unit to profit. The only exception to that HTC to regain hope?

it is very difficult. HTC no LG financial reserves, it is a “mobile phone manufacturing company”, without any components design and manufacturing capabilities, the company’s performance depends heavily on the brand mobile phone sales.

the law of “death” handset makers losses also pointed out that these companies before is doomed to have experienced a year to five years of struggling. This is what HTC is facing at present.

however, HTC has found really already doomed? We also cannot easily to jump to conclusions. Smart phones now the whole market has exhaustion, breakthrough innovation is increasingly rare. With declining prices for components and sensors, wearable devices, household products and even cars, intelligent wave first broke now. In this era of HTC may be able to seize a chance.