The currency rising experts still expressed concern

editor’s note: the currency now is more than the price of $1 70.

some say this is one of the most famous in the history of pizza purchase behavior: in the 2010 , 5 month, called a Laszlo programmer on a network BBS to ask if someone is willing to use the 10000 COINS to buy the pie, the currency is in 2009 online currencies, launched in experiments.

when each currency is less than a penny, orders worth only and $, and today, he’s worth about 140 $( 108 million euros).

as of Friday, the single currency transactions reached 135 $, earlier this week, or even close to the 147 $, have doubled in price since February about 20 $. This is a quick rise, allegedly because some Cyprus and russians in Cyprus investment banking crises elsewhere when the euro, which let people worry that the new network bubble will soon burst.

from London Glendevon King asset management, investment manager Naud said: “it is not rational behavior, as an investor, you can’t think of potential value is the value of the currency itself. Naud did a survey about the currency customer.

COINS began in 2009 after years of the global financial crisis, an anonymous programmer wants to create an independent central bank monetary or financial institutions. He is a form of electronic money, through the powerful calculation ability is composed of complex code string, referred to as the process of mining, can be on any computer connected to the Internet management.

the characteristics of the software is becoming more and more difficult to generate new COINS, according to the design, in circulation quantity highest 2100 , once it has been mined, the currency will be in the user’s hard disk to create a virtual wallet, can be sent directly to the others. This method is to bypass Banks, basically are anonymous. But it also brought some risks, 2011 , 6 month, was at the top of the hacker virtual wallet was looted.

at the start of the is just a encoder, the currency was soon the “deep web” found in the home, that is the dark part of the network, largely because of anonymous. It was bought by the user for illegal drugs or other illegal payment service web site, but in recent months, computer enthusiasts and received the money, a series of legitimate businesses are starting to accept the currency.

a online purchase and resell the goods online shops has appeared, it caught the attention of the people also promoted the use consciousness to trade the currency. According to the report, a Canadian wants to sell his house, and we use the currency of payment, and an American said he 300 COINS to buy a car 2007 with porsche.

website design from London Robert Walker said he from 2011 years starting at the end of half an year bought 200 COINS, he spent a great deal of time on the Internet, he was excited to coin money on the Internet, and the investment is not restricted by any central authority.

when he was buying these money spent 900 $, and now these will value 27000 the dollar, despite the higher prices this week, but at least now he will continue to store his virtual currency.

Walker said: “this is not a money can change the quality of life, but I already pay attention to it for the last five years.”

but for asset manager Naud , the currency has reached a very high level, at least on the surface, the value of the currency has been breached 10 $. With the new investors are added to the currency of the price also will continue to improve.

when a few people want to enter the currency markets, at the same time when people want to leave, the currency of the instant noodles will burst. Now it is difficult to determine the high prices will not last more than a month.

experts say the currency is not easily affected by inflation austerity. The government tried to control it, prevent because it cause investors to panic, leading to lose their confidence. , the Wall Street journal reported in the United States, regulators and noticed the deal worth more than 10000 $of those companies.

a senior analyst at Alistair said: “if it becomes more popular, the government might be to suppress, I think it will lead to huge decline in the number of users.

bank of Cyprus because of its debt crisis – the tiny countries have to accept the international monetary fund, the European commission and the European central bank proposed tax on the decision, it will lead to depositors lose 100000 the euro deposits more than part of the savings, this time also coincides with the currency rise.

Cotton said: “the currency and Napster have similarities, this early online file sharing service, because is limited by the law and was eventually forced to shut down. Although after it replaced by a lot of file sharing service. If the currency does not exist for a long time, then other virtual currencies there will be a rise in space. If you look at the financial bubble in history, they will always end, put the COINS as an investment project investment is for the average person is very difficult.”