The currency fund received California ban

cloud network hunting on June 24, download

, the currency fund (bitcoins Foundation) has received the Financial administration of California (California Department of Financial Institutions) of an injunction (cease – and – desist letter). To change the author of the article, Jon Matonis purported COINS emergency will be members of the board of directors.

California monetary authority charged with the currency board “unlicensed or unauthorized, transfer business”. You can read the ban full text (English).

this progress is quite strange, because the currency fund does not actually run the currency transfer business. It’s more like a custodian, the currency initiative.

and it is not registered in California, but in Washington, d.c., registration, the E-mail address is in Seattle.

as members of the board, Matonis claims he is not clear and other companies involved in the COINS have received similar letters.

California monetary authority to have a rest on Sunday, so the reporter cannot prove to the institutions. Please wait for further progress.