The crisis public relations: apple charger for activities

recently, an article about a flight attendant USES iPhone phone electrocution, shocked the country. The fact how, we now have been unable to fully control. However, yesterday a message from the company we feel gratified.

apple charger how to distinguish

according to the foreign technology press reports, apple has opened a called “ USB power adapter recycling “project (), and hope that by encouraging people to buy authentic apple charger, to ensure the safety of the user.

it is understood that the project will be on the 16th of this month officially launched. At the appointed time, iPhone , the , iPod any user can go to the apple retail store or authorized service providers, to buy at a discount service – users with 10 $can get apple UCB power adapter (original price and $). In addition, the company said, they will recycle the user’s third party chargers, and processed in the form of absolute environmental protection.

on the back for activities, the company said on its website “for a long time, the safety of the products is apple’s most cherished. All apple products, including various accessories have passed the strict test, and governments to achieve safety standards.”

it is reported that apple will this activity this year to 10 on 18 end of the day. Every pieces of apple products can only enjoy the exchange service. In addition, users when to buy, you also need to bring their own apple products, with the equipment serial number to buy.

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