The country’s first malicious bad review division ruling: “malicious bad review” was sentenced to 2 years

July 3, hangzhou uptown is the first case about malicious bad review division of the people’s court made a ruling, headed by the defendant Yang 12 “malicious bad review division” be sentenced on extortion charges. Last November, after the public security bureau of hangzhou and taobao’s joint crime, the criminal was arrested. This year on June 21, the court hearing the case.

the case, the defendant Yang plays a major role in a joint crime, is a prime culprit. By the court, the defendant Yang racketeering sin, sentenced to two years, fine of 5000 yuan.

and the defendant Wu Mou, weekend, XXL 11 an accessory was sentenced to one year two months respectively, and the ten months of the year, and penalty of RMB 2000 yuan respectively. At the same time, the court will be held before the syndicates tools 10 computers shall be confiscated.

after the case found that the “malicious bad review division” gang, led by Yang, 25, the defendant, and malicious orders them to a shop on taobao sellers, and then Yang through QQ chat tools such as with sellers “talks”, the seller said if the delivery can’t give bad review, delivery to complaints, only pay some money to him, agreed to close the deal.

the so-called “malicious bad review”, refers to the buyers and competitors such as evaluation, bad review in person to give way to the store for the interests of the property or other inappropriate behavior. , taobao said that support the rights of the consumers to give reasonable evaluation, but for “malicious bad review” behavior, joint police to crack down on, zero tolerance.

a total of 12 people illegally acquired more than 2900 yuan, but was sentenced to two years of imprisonment, more than a year. , legal experts said that although the case every time the amount is not high, but according to become effective as of May 1 2011 of “criminal law amendment eight” regulation, extortion of many times, make crime of extortion. In this case, the defendant in a short span of a month or so, number of extortion were above 3 times, so their actions constitute a crime of extortion.

the legal experts also said that the network shopping is an important part of public life, to create and maintain a good network integrity market environment has a considerable importance. Therefore, compared with the general blackmail crime, the case of the plot is more serious.

then contacted the taobao, the officials said, has always been taobao joint efforts, cooperate with the police and introduced a number of measures to combat malicious bad review, and has made some progress. Last year, according to taobao punishment malicious buyers account 65000, intercept shut down more than 10 malicious order, guarantee the rights of the more than 50000 vendors. At the end of last year, taobao, got a call from malicious bad review, extortion class complaints to reduce more than 90%.

to curb malicious bad review, taobao since last June, cancel received the relevance ranking, with the opening rate took the green channel, to upgrade late delivery rules and will not be accepted malicious complaints, show evaluation page taken under buyer’s personal information, further defined the seller close trading standards, prevent “malicious bad review division” malicious actions taken, and so on.