The content of the Google + can also be embedded in other web sites

on Monday, + release some New features, which is called “ embedded post” a tool particularly eye-catching, it allows the blog and other creators to + on the contents of the embedded in other web sites.

if bloggers who want to improve your Google + on the contents of the hits or exposure, so he just click the page “embed” button to the right, get the embed code, can easily be embedded in other websites, and can be embedded into the text and images.

so we know that once your G + blog posts or posts are embedded in other web site, would be a lot of reading and transmission, get online interaction, they will reply, comments, or forwarding. + platform product owner Seth Sternberg wrote in the post: we are in order to make people more likely to get more listeners and readers. It is reported, + have tested this function in some journals, like the sports illustrated and national geographic, satisfactory results have been compared, now, it has been open to the public.

Google also launched the “author” link function, can let the author will have their posts or posts links to Google + profile. Go up, for example, by the user WordPress into the + account, then he posts will be automatically add links back to its Google + profile .

we analysis of the several New functions though will WordPress and Typepad together, but + long-term strategic plan is to increase their exposure rate and the share in other web sites, in order to improve the +

just released this New feature in Google, a month before the Facebook also issued a similar function. Now, many journalists and bloggers are using social networking sites to improve in their news coverage, such as comment on the site or update the blog, and so on.

social platform reverse to actually make people are more likely to use different forms of public resources on the network, in addition to the Facebook and + introduced embedding function, Twitter recently announced a similar function, encourage authors to join in their story Twitter the contents of the, if a post in the Twitter shadow, then the Twitter also there will be a link to the post, this will help readers to understand the details.