The company (notes) impression: we want to do a one hundred enterprise!

this is 2012 , 5 on 3 day, an old news, hunting cloud network translation at this time, it is to as a response to . All kinds of thoughts, believe that readers can break down.

2011 , the company get 5000 after the million dollar funding, its CEO Phil Libin to the media said that he wanted his company to become an enterprise in one hundred. 2012 , 5 on 3 , the company again 7000 million dollar funding, six years the company one step a footprint to one hundred enterprise. It’s hard to imagine a software enterprise in our age can really live to 2016 years. the company can do?

could we adapted the Sean parker in the movie “the social network social network ” in the words: “I don’t think to do a 10 how cool million dollar business. Do you know what is really cool? Do a one hundred enterprise!” Now the company valuations have reached 10 $. Cool ! But the company can continue in one hundred?

application of those glamorous fashion unsustainable

this year to attract eyeballs too much beautiful application. They are designed for the current hardware level and social norms. For example, them designed for touch screen, this is 2010 s style.

in the same way, social technologies such as Facebook is also designed for this age, they are constantly trodden down our privacy rights, closed off to the profit. On the user’s interests and the tension between the interests of the company, how long can this pattern exist?

elephant is ( the company sign) never forget

the company with the enterprise exactly the opposite. the company application suite is belong to our age, of course, it’s a desktop application, tablet and mobile phone applications, web app , it can also scan file printed books, cut and paste web content. However, all these form is the result of a more core mission: it is in today’s data, and keep it to the virtual cupboard. It help us to save memory.

Can you imagine

50 years later how to find the electronic archive you stay today? Maybe you are a very careful person, put all the data in the local storage and backup, transform, storage. But can you imagine what will the future file storage format and the way heart changes? The hard disk can speak now? Is SSD hard disk? Give these the company it is much easier to manage the storage, it will be updated with The Times and update form, safer, and more convenient.

before this round of financing, Libin tell Josh Constine , the company already has more than 100 than paying customers. Users use the the company the longer, the more likely to become paying customers. You start to the company in the more storage file, the company the greater the value to you. User’s feeling, is the feeling of the investors. the company icon () An elephant and a proverb: “ the An elephant never forgets”.


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