The company CEO compensation is less than $400, mason hold shares worth $200 million at present

Beijing time on March 2, morning news, this week the company fired CEO Andrew Mason (Andrew Mason). The latest news, according to only get a little severance mason, for just $378.36.

the severance according to mason wages are calculated. In submitted to regulatory documents, the company said that if mason, a departure from the company, so will get 6 monthly salary water compensation (also includes six months of medical insurance, so slightly higher than the $378 total).

mason, a salary of $756.72. This is a strange number, may only mason the people know the specific reason. He in other parts of the company pay for stock. Compared with the value of the shares, severance.

in the autumn of 2011 before the ipo, mason sold $28 million worth of company stock. And after the ipo, he hold company stock is worth more than $1.3 billion. Last November, mason’s total value is $1 billion. At least on paper, mason is a billionaire.

however, mason’s value has been with the company’s share price fell sharply badly shrunk. At present, the value of his stake just $200 million. This part of the shares value still depends on the performance of the company in the future. Mason may know, as long as he left the company, then the value of the stake will get promoted. (d)