The collective wedding, bus 】 【 360 to 60000 per couple

the big weekend uncle up with all the fun. Why want to say 360 collective wedding? The uncle just attending a friend’s wedding party last night, so curious, to learn the collective wedding under 360.

yesterday, 360 brought yiwei lau when the support of the collective wedding, that’s quite a big host, 360 are of the utmost importance to this matter, marriage seeker is qi xiangdong, President of 360.

the collective wedding jiuxianqiao headquarters in 360, a total of 24 gets married couple. 360 official propaganda in the media, saying, this is how good an opportunity to promote the enterprise culture… How can miss Lao zhou?

The focus of the

well, the bus is coming, the official did not disclose, this couple, 24, 360 to blessing, send RMB 60000 per couple, with a diamond ring. Really!