The CIO worthless? Ah…

the CIO since birth, to locate the position has been controversial.

I was in London business school, mainly for senior manager class. Chief executives from around the world in London to spend three weeks to learn the latest achievements in various fields, such as strategy, finance, marketing, innovation and leadership. Oh, and science and technology. I was born here. When I told the people of the world’s top manager I “information technology” course, I will ask a simple question – “how do you feel about IT?” Often very stiff, “boring”, “too complicated”, and “too much” money, “has always been very late,” “irritating”. But when I mentioned IT department, they answer is: “too proud,” “touch with reality,” “the language of their own,” “out too fast.

CIO lost the advantage

for a long time business relationship and IT has been very nervous, even in the past decade to become worse. Because the digital products have been overly generalization, almost all people adapted to the digital technology. Hence cios are often accused of their incompetence, this is because they have before IT this place appears in the IT operations. Many so-called cios just confine them to give their colleagues copies of Microsoft Office software, only a few people to do their duty. This is why the CIO is difficult to have a place in the company’s management, also need to have more power to report, this person is often the CFO (chief financial officer of the company. Wired editor had said before the CIO in an organization is irrelevant.

CDO ( chief digital officer) the rise of

recently, we see the new branch of CXO: cdos or known as the chief digital officer, is mainly responsible for the all digital and social affairs, and deal with questions about the analysis of large data and innovative. Why is that? Because it’s a CDO work! This will give us a problem: the CIO, CTO and cdos are the same kind of job? Or a completely different position? We are here to discuss a superman?

the past five years, I told hundreds of cios from around the world class, know in what they are doing. General situation is many cios want to do the work of the CDO. But, unfortunately, there are two huge barriers before them.

CIO the challenge

the first point is many cios lack of ability in the field of the expansion of the IT department responsibilities to digital. The second is that they can’t be trusted, because I see a lot of cdos are not actually IT background, they often come from marketing, BD or sales department, but is not from the IT department.

batman or prodigy Robin ?

I believe a wise group will find a way to balance the number of the CIO lead the IT department with cdos to lead the new “digital” department. , however, the CIO needs to take responsibility on the huge transformation to adapt to the new role, this is cios to decide whether they want to do the batman or prodigy Robin moments, is divided the functions of the two position clear. This ultimately means that cios will face the test, and finally to chief officer position in the “information”.

compiled from: Businessinsider

the author: Peter Hinssen