The chicken soup boiled the WeChat: we also precipitation of the world

the author: arsenic comments (micro signal: ShenPL )

a lot of people, including small arsenic, don’t like to drink chicken soup, big oil.

small arsenic said chicken soup, not to sell the old hen stew with the morning market, but a group of people use the Internet to ingredients stew, its color, such as “I wept,” looked at less than half, it smell like “meet such girl married it”, its flavor, such as “another batch of a total of 17 kinds of problem food exposure”, taken together, the flavor of chicken soup, it is just two words: paralysis.

some of these chicken soup is very high cholesterol cook for nearly 10 years of soup stock, even the formula to behave in such a way such as MAO was cloned resurrection world what reaction, etc., always someone not afraid to drink it after might insanity, it is also the arsenic in the small of mobile phone, the micro letter instead of weibo has become the main position of consumer information. Weibo from the protagonist into a supporting role, and is a dispensable costar.

ah, don’t say forget, several days didn’t open weibo saw, open today, as usual, little bird, upgrade microblogging households end, is only a reminder so… The little arsenic shut weibo clear the cache while watching WeChat ke edamame, with deep.

in fact weibo is a bit too much to say so. Arsenic in non-working time is grey often tend to be sedentary, even out his phone and want to point of consumption information, or just want to look good friend sent some of the more interesting life, so once, work shut down weibo only see WeChat. But Chen has words: if there is a thing want to let more people see, cause the spread of socialization, that also is weibo, although full on weibo had spilled soup let little arsenic very greasy.

you might wonder, for small hair arsenic silence so long not to vomit, it is not about small arsenic character…

small arsenic and about to tonight, to tell you this week-long time small arsenic are doing. The answer is simple, groping for two days ago, after five days in experience, today I want to ‘criticisms. Object is the leading role of this week, and now also is looking at, let little big WeChat the arsenic watched the fire.

words in XXX, which is this Wednesday, micro letter 5.0 thing hidden at tencent partners meeting announced the next. As for services and subscription, the za regardless, small arsenic was only a small, just talk to the attention of little arsenic, temporary not consider so far. This time WeChat 5.0 key two things, one is a commercial, another is commercial.

words inside the tencent QQ as software platform, the most successful typical the profitable business models of Internet almost try again. WeChat road mascherano could not have not considered, but WeChat shorter time points, because the one is now accelerating environment change as a whole, the second is WeChat was born when the riches and honor, tencent is listed and has become one of the big three was born when the smallest is the favorite son.

this is bound to make WeChat encountered in internal pressure, predictably, has 470 million users WeChat must to everyone, especially to tencent internal can a commercial gesture, so the feeling be nasty under, just out of the two pursue, of course, also have a faint, for instance to pay this, sooner or later, early than late. The need to understand a lot, small arsenic still didn’t understand, so don’t say first.

about basically almost may seem to be sure thing is, since the deadly on Wednesday, after WeChat the contents of the “rich”. Only two or three days time, arsenic has fatigue on the micro letter. Because now opened, flooding are seventeen kinds of problem food, weight-loss techniques, 30 wonderland, you all your life may also can’t see the photos, CangJiaYang cuo poetry corpora, solitary fun place near Beijing, let little arsenic came close to a miracle of spit out chicken soup, is N many companies such as TCL in the opening video conference, was moved to tears moved journalists themselves sleepy “eagle enlightenment”. Small arsenic if you want to look at these, with your micro letter? Lao tze not weibo?

micro letter seem to forget that the oneself can take the place of weibo, become active users of the highest social platform is what reason. Said to the little arsenic about so much chicken soup, all the small arsenic fans say dozen satisfied ge, figure a what? Only because of the letter is not so much an annoying chicken soup!

a denier opened the micro letter a message or a circle of friends, appear in the eyes of the little arsenic, o or small bud of high-heeled shoes, or a gander frost in fighting with the monk head, or a beauty kuo magic modelling results, or is a prick silk glossing and roaring by heavy rain, and, in a word, but that is little friend, arsenic is small arsenic active concern of the public. Contracted a little but after friends automatic precipitation, do not have so much to spam, are all small arsenic, would have been interested in and the comments of the interactive response is extremely strong.

but in the face of chicken soup would you go back? Unless you can method number one.

more importantly for the real rumor, WeChat didn’t seem to put an end to punish its ability to spread, even because the viral spread deeply implanted in the strong relationship between the underlying, friends in the circle of friends, copy and send, all simple and effective, the report will not be friends, but the message of true and false identify basic does not exist, it is more credible. Compared to the microblogging social diffusion, this range is much smaller, but very deep influence.

of course, the expansion of information, the construction of information environment for marketing, as a product is understandable, but don’t forget to the rise of social networking platform foundation, is a strong relationship. Micro letter is strong relationship between attributes than any one platform, this is the micro letter to maximum advantage of the rapid rise, but abandoned after strong relationship, weibo can be replicated sword of doing?

jin always in a slot in the circle of friends, there are more and more chicken soup, true nima vexed. Small arsenic is out of a simple solution: who send chicken soup shielding, jin always ran.

on Wednesday evening, a famous enterprise executives also said to the little arsenic faint: after may weaken the WeChat invested. This is probably the most don’t want to hear want to commercialization WeChat reaction.

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