The bus NO. 1] baidu a non-compete agreement who are on the list?

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Many of our readers are

by WeChat backstage, and sina weibo direct messages or through contributions to the content of the hunting cloud network put forward higher requirements. There are a little advice is, “you exclusive insider, revealed what is too fierce, but the people want to see the demand of the gossip is also very high.” Well, the repeated want to see the gossip of the female children’s shoes, tell you! You wish!

in the beautiful west lake cruise meeting after hunting cloud network team decided to set up this small bus 】 【 column. This column will regularly and pored over the domestic Internet company, harmless gossip about people and things. Since then, xiao yun belly roll gossip finally fell to the ground.

ok, don’t gossip pull, get to the point, this gossip bus will go to baidu! GO!

words, a good friend of xiao yun will go to baidu. Between the tencent, sina and baidu, the girlfriend called “play it again” technical otaku finally chose to baidu.

but when signing labor contract with baidu, otaku stay fine. Otaku, baidu takes the industry friend eye is too long. Baidu HR told him to baidu can, we welcome. But leave baidu, please observe a non-compete agreement, within a year, some companies are not allowed to entry, otherwise please pay baidu half pay.

otaku told xiao yun, I le a go, easy? I want to see baidu, wages, and half a year, baidu also is too petty… Such a time. However, speech after him! Also! Is!!! Go to! The baidu… (the lethality of baidu or strong!

the following is a list baidu the non-compete agreement in the contract, the $50 billion the list of the company, always glorious.

360, alibaba, tencent, Google, yahoo, sogou, sina, Scott, UCWeb map.

look at the list of the tertiary in the mind also concern, 360, tencent, alibaba, Google is certainly baidu’s competitors. But sina list is this why? UCWeb, this is the rhythm of the baidu to do mobile browser. By the way, by the way, baidu in 83, associate vice President of the new promotion ming-yuan li once worked as a vice President of UC, there will be bus, let uncle will speak later.

the uncle of gossip for working people, or useful.

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