The bunker! Letv read advertisements “force” in the browser

this afternoon a reader to hunt cloud network reported, according to a user in networks for weibo poking fun at a “wonderful work” thing, pointing to miniaturization: force the user to watch its advertising, otherwise cannot view the content of the networks.

cloud network hunting contacted the user, the user said it when using a browser, open the screen advertisement function. Let him unexpected is, networks actually stopped to provide broadcast content, and pop up shocking hints.

The user on twitter to share the embarrassing “oops, your browser seems to be blocked our ads. Without advertising revenue we can’t provide you with better service. Or, you change your browser or close advertising filtering capabilities to try again?”

at the same time, some netizens also feedback on weibo, said youku similar behavior.

to hunt cloud network analysts said that currently, terminated networks, youku provide to the user is not willing to watch commercials contents belong to the rights of the enterprise, also not violate laws and regulations, but the idea of forcing users to watch ads to see the video clearly hurt the user experience.

“try very hard to let the user see advertisements, it also highlights the miniaturization: a lack of more effective way of profit, otherwise not this.”