The bottom baidu how cool literature network

it is cool to baidu’s quietly launched literature net (, and network literature in a new army.

we first look at tencent technology lotte this coverage:

it is known that baidu this year poached online leisure game 7 k7k network Sun Zude served as the President before it is cool to company CEO. Since the end of February 2013, baidu how cool platform to start in each big BBS literature vigorously recruit writers, editors, baidu how cool literature stand low-key launch at the end of April and get through, to the mobile version of the data promote into model.

insiders revealed that baidu how cool 8 into income to give the author, and rapid advances, remuneration. Second, baidu is only works for the Internet and wireless rights, games, books, film and television, cartoon film still belongs to the author, the author can sell.

in addition, relying on baidu resources background, contract work will get promotion in terminal, in the PC, signed a contract work in reading, baidu post bar, baidu on the original, library, wikipedia, know how cool can search directly placed at the top. Handsets are cool book city, post bar, baidu library directly placed at the top.

if you continue to dig down, how cool network literature and read a lot.

1, Sun Zude boss who is it?

how cool the internal staff of literature network convective cloud network, said for top management structure is not particularly clear. This year, but industry insiders tell hunting cloud network just for baidu vice President dong-chen zhang, who is directly responsible for it. Dong-chen zhang is responsible for the strategic partner in baidu, Hao123 division, investment project management, professional ethics construction work. And cool literature net dispatch technology co., LTD., affiliated to Beijing baidu and dong-chen zhang is the legal representative of the company.

2, baidu hopes more cool literature network can dominate PC echo (cool)


how cool is baidu’s mobile phone platform, claimed (currently has 100000 volumes, 25 billion – word book resources, has been in the mobile reading market already has a certain market share. How cool net literature is screens in PC, because baidu is currently in no position on PC. And network not only can be and how cool cool literature books, can also and baidu library resources to each other. Baidu library after suffering from activists criticized, and baidu library is important to how cool literature net cash port.

3, how cool literature web page is baidu middle business strategy of product

page baidu building in the middle of the strategy on where to mesh, iQIYI reflected, baidu to realize network literature has become a huge cake, baidu want to eat, and how cool net literature is the product of baidu page among strategy. To be sure, the future baidu will transform itself a great flow distribution to cool network literature. This website for those who rely on baidu back in small and medium-sized literature, will be a very bad news.