The blackberry: wrong! I didn’t help with brush list BBM!

recently, a number of science and technology media, time criticism as the blackberry. After the blackberry official announced BBM (blackberry instant messaging applications) on Android and iOS, within 24 hours passed 10 million downloads. Facing so many question, blackberry official finally bravely stand up for yourself.

here are blackberry official statement:

we really found in the Android market for a certain number of false claims about BBM. However, we hereby solemnly declare, not familiar with the blackberry on the behavior. We don’t agree with don’t tolerate this kind of false brush list. In the Android market, of course, we also see a lot of users really give a BBM favorable comments and valuable advice. Blackberry company will continue to encourage users to put forward valuable for BBM, authentic advice.”

if you download the Android or iOS version BBM, and pay attention to the app store’s comments, the doubt that you also produce media report. We see many of them are the same in 180000 comments compliments, such as “thank you very much for the blackberry team work! Waiting for the application for a long time! User friendly degree is really high, use smooth all right!” . This passage by different users “reference” for more than N back. Not only that, a lot of users’ comments seem to be very poor, even no punctuation.

for blackberry, at present the most important thing is not eager to clarify his innocence. Foreign media had contact with the blackberry company of science and technology, and ask them about the matter of public relations measures will be taken to. Is contact list of Google to delete the brush comments, or severe investigation first? I wish the blackberry and BBM future all goes well!