The blackberry will be gone, iron powder?

the decline of the blackberry, which not only brings the huge losses, also let many loyal blackberry users feel endless melancholy. According to the present situation, the blackberry history’s stage is just a matter of time, but for those blackberry fans, and how did they think about the rise and fall of an empire?

it is too late, better late than never”

CrackBerry, founder and editor Kevin Michaluk has been paying attention to the development of the blackberry company for many years. When it comes to his perception of the blackberry decline, he said: “we already see the ending. As early as three years ago, the blackberry lost a lot of original mobile phone users in the United States.” Three years ago, the blackberry company has not locked into such a dilemma now ecosystem, nor executives frequently the phenomenon of “abandon ship”.

James Rose was a loyal blackberry users, since 2007, he has been using blackberry products. In his view the blackberry Curve 8900 is the best phone he used so far. After buying the blackberry Z 10, he realized that Haynes’s so-called “change” too little, too late, too. James Rose said in an interview: “in such as Play Book (blackberry ever released a tablet) products such as the fall, the market time and opportunity for blackberry becomes more less. However, as the blackberry fans, I will insist on Z10, until finally I had to switch to an iPhone.”

“I like Q10, although I want to use the iPod to listen to music”

the 34-year-old IT people Will Abraham in Q10 launched the first time to buy the mobile phone. In his view, Q10 is still the best smartphone on the market at present. Although he choose to use the iPod to listen to music, can Will Abraham said: “compared with blackberry, iOS too slow and too loud.”

for Abraham such a huge fan of the decline of the blackberry is a harrowing experience. But Abraham optimism, decline does not mean completely over. In an interview, he said: “for blackberry since nearly a period of time, I worried, but there is no doubt that I’m not going to give up the blackberry.” When a reporter asked if one day he had to choose, Abraham some language, and in a brief meditation: “well,,, I, I guess I might choose Android, of course at that time I will be very reluctant to.”

blackberry Q10

“even cost up to $2000, I will still continue to use the blackberry”

when a brand reputation in consumers’ mind, after the formation of this kind of its influence is deeply rooted. Although every marketers understand the intangible assets of enterprises, but the blackberry the cause of enthusiasm and loyalty in fan heart, let a person feel shocked. For those who are really obsessed with blackberry, no matter how big the defects of its products, or how high the price, but users will still be dead set of to follow it. A professional blackberry analyst, is also the fans of the blackberry said in an interview: “even if it takes 2000 dollars, I would choose Q10. As a I have been using mobile phone brand, the blackberry is of great significance for me.”

“even blindfolded my eyes, I can accurately control my blackberry”

blackberry users and other system platform of mobile phone users, the demand for the product there seems to be a great difference. Blackberry “train” the fans have an outdated concept — “pay attention to the speed and smoothness of the mobile operating, rather than the image of luxuriant and sensitive touch”. Many blackberry users in an interview, said that even if the blindfolded, they can be accurate to manipulate their blackberrys. The blackberry analyst, said: “this is the blackberry brand value. Important people (business people) will choose to use the blackberry, and it is also a way out for the blackberry company in the future.”

“I have 20 blackberry, I would never choose to give up the blackberry”

according to a survey, more than 70% of all consumer choose and buy of this summer’s blackberry with a boss system. In contrast, most of these fanatical blackberry fans had put the “meaning” rich innovation BB10 system is ignored. Michaluk said: “you can put this situation (blackberry users choose and buy original system) as the blackberry the die-hards in the past, but the phenomenon behind the deeper meaning – for many years the use of habit let users and produce a kind of tacit understanding between the blackberry, though products along with the development of the era has not perfect, but for its users, it is also qualified.”

Michaluk describes his experience: in New York in an elevator, he saw an old man is using the blackberry 8700 (listed in 2006). In conversation, the old man told him: “the phone I have total 20, I know most about this product. Obviously, I would not choose to use other phone (other blackberry models).”

for a fan, the practice of the old man is loyal and specificity, but for those who suffer from selling Z10 mobile phone retailers, the consumer is the most terrible.