The blackberry said will push low-end blackberry 10 mobile phones don’t sell hardware business

Beijing time morning news on March 31st, Canadian news agency reported, according to the blackberry CEO, kirsten Haynes (Thorsten Heins) of the interview, the blackberry is planning to launch the blackberry for middle-income market 10 mobile phones.

the blackberry version is expected to launch the keyboard and touch screen version of the two kinds of products, the blackberry has previously released a blackberry Z10 and Q10 high-end products. Blackberry in markets such as India and Indonesia will launch new low-priced blackberry phone 10, at the same time in other markets with blackberry 7 system of new products. Blackberry hope that with such a move in the market competition with apple and samsung.

Haynes said at the same time, to sell the blackberry hardware business, only keep service business ideas with suspicion. He said: “the blackberry is an end-to-end solution.”