The blackberry is already looking to sell, but have been neglected

, according to bloomberg yesterday officially considered selling blackberry company. However, sources said, the blackberry is not now began to consider selling the company. The program began in 2012, the blackberry has been looking for sale in nearly a year and cooperation opportunities, but failed to achieve any result.

in recent months, as a result of the blackberry in global sales falling, JPMorgan chase (JPMorgan) and royal bank of Canada (at RBC Capital Markets) has started a low profile for the acquirers. Unfortunately, given the blackberry current performance, almost no one is willing to take over, especially private-equity firms might be expected.

in the face of such an awkward situation, the blackberry company therefore decided to form a special board committee, responsible for the above issues. The commission said, whether it is a joint venture, or be sold directly, they will be to evaluate all the possibilities. As a businessman in Toronto, blackberry the biggest shareholder, plame, watt’s (Prem Watsa) said that he will leave after the board of directors of the company, involved in the “save the blackberry” action. It is reported, Morgan bank mergers and acquisitions will be responsible for the blackberry demand of the whole affair.

, the sources said the current blackberry company’s board of directors and advisers, are waiting for “good news” from watt and investment companies (FFH, fairfax financial holding co., LTD.). They want to see such private equity can help complete privatization blackberry, because it is advantageous to the restructuring and transformation. However, so far, the company has not any specific action.

so far, the blackberry company, Morgan bank and RBC for comment.

too late, too late

in fact, the blackberry as early as three years ago, has appeared the trend of recession. But it is too in hindsight. Until January this year, the blackberry launched BB10 designed for touch screen smartphone operating system, and this than jobs introduced the first generation of iPhone nearly six years behind The Times. In addition, the blackberry is not only because of decline in market share, resulting in the loss of a large number of users, and in the field of enterprise services, is faced with the challenge of apple and Google.

in the past two days, because of the influence of the blackberry message of looking to sell, the company’s shares rose 12% year-on-year. On Tuesday, the blackberry shares closed at $10.93, a rise of 1.4% in the previous trading day, but still fell by 7.9% this year.

a person familiar with the matter said, due to the blackberry smartphone market share continuously eroded by the iPhone and samsung Galaxy series, blackberry consultant advised as early as late 2011 blackberry should consider the possibility of selling.

however, blackberry does not choose this option, but the CEO of the company and two joint Mike Lazaridis, Mike Lazaridis and Jim bell, Jim Balsillie resign from the board, trying to calm investors temporarily. At the same time, the former COO Siemens former executives, teng, Haynes (Thorsten Heins) instead of two people, become a new owners blackberry.

bearish sentiment, the blackberry save

, according to people familiar with the blackberry, the establishment of special committee and announced a strategic assessment, is not encouraged because of external acquisition plan. On the contrary, this is the company’s shareholders to the blackberry sales disappointment, and fear that the result of the financial crisis that may occur.

, TPG Capital (Texas Pacific investment group) senior partner, is one of the blackberry board members, Tim Dartmouth (Tim Dattels), will become chairman of the special committee, responsible for all the evaluation work of strategic choice of blackberry.

for a long time, Haynes all hope to resort to BB10 to boost blackberry company, but at least so far, we haven’t seen any benefits of blackberry company. It is reported, last quarter, new Z10 touch screen mobile phone sales, sold 1 million units in less than analysts’ forecasts. Company expects blackberry in the third quarter of this year will be more substantial revenue losses.