The blackberry CEO shocking prophecy: tablet market will disappear in the next five years

Beijing time on May 1, according to foreign media reports, chief executive of the blackberry, kirsten Haynes (Thorsten Heins) said in an interview on Monday local time, tablet market will disappear in the next five years. Haynes that triggered release tablet doubt again for blackberry. There has been expects blackberry will once again to launch a tablet computer products.

Haynes says, “I think in the next five years later, people have reason for tablets will disappear. The workplace may have large size display rather than tablets. The tablet itself is not a good business model.”

Haynes mention “workplace may have large size display” shows that the development direction of the blackberry. In Z10 and Q10 before releasing, the industry there are rumors that the blackberry development can be connected to display, input devices, mobile phone. Blackberry does not release when reporting blackberry 10 of this functionality, but may still in the development of these technologies.

this is not Haynes first published comments related to the tablet. Hines has said in March, unless disruptive products can be developed, the blackberry will not return to the tablet market. Hines told the Australian Financial Review (Australian Financial Review) an interview, “apple occupies the absolute dominant position in the field of tablets, we only launch a tablet computer does not make sense. I need to do is to tablets as the carrier to provide enterprise customers and consumers users, BB10 excellent mobile computing experience, rather than just provide tablet experience.”

after the launch of the PlayBook tablet for blackberry was a disaster. The PlayBook never succeed, blackberry therefore forced to write down about $500 million in assets.