The birth of the first generation of iPhone story: behind the scenes as a nightmare

guide language: on October 4, the New York times published an excerpt, tells the story of the first generation of the iPhone is born with the release of the process, highlights the content derived from wired magazine editor Fred fu Gail sting (Fred Vogelstein) is a new book in November the kr: Apple and Google How to fight and bring about a Revolution (Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution).

below is the content abstract:

Nightmarish iPhone conference

the first iPhone in conference on the eve of the apple engineers pressure reached the peak. At that time, the prototype is almost not work properly, this conference is a gamble for jobs, for apple engineers, is a nightmare.

prior to the release of the iPhone, jobs their rehearsals for several days. But until the last day of rehearsal network unable to connect, the phone can’t dial, or even crash, automatic shutdown situation still happens often. Mr Jobs is still ignore everyone’s opposition, insisted on a live demonstration iPhone, this let the engineers in deep anxiety. “At first I think is a great pleasure to attend rehearsals, because only a handful of people can attend, but it wasn’t long before I feel very uncomfortable,” senior engineers responsible for the development of the iPhone wireless software Andy. Greg farmers (Andy Grignon) said, “the rehearsal often hear jobs roar loud: ‘if you fail, that all because of you! ‘he didn’t want to blame anyone, just too much pressure, lead to these hurtful words blurted out.”

heavily guarded the rehearsal of the conference. Conference a few days ago, apple employees moss kang exhibition Center in San Francisco (Moscone Center) background set up an electronic laboratory, used to place and test the iPhone, another beside insulate the jobs between dedicated room. In the laboratory and lounge in front of all the door, and even the exhibition center have guards on duty 24 hours a day, everyone must pass in and out of the electronic identity authentication, allowed in and out of the list all jobs after the audit. In products in order to avoid information leakage, the night before the meeting, jobs and even for all people involved in the conference, including lighting and stage equipment manufacturers, have to live within the exhibition center.

in order to make the iPhone prototype in the normal work of the conference, engineers have been do whatever is necessary to solve the unreasonable requirements about jobs.

jobs have proposed at the beginning, when he displayed various functions of the iPhone, the iPhone’s screen projection on the big screen behind him. In order to achieve this effect, apple engineers spent a few weeks, on the back of the iPhone with a video output module, and even on the projector.

due to the iPhone’s WiFi connection is not stable, the engineers had to be in the audience good wi-fi signal transmitting equipment, shorten the distance of the wireless signal transmission. In addition, they also think of some way to modify the software, to prevent the audience the audience to take up the same radio frequency leads to demonstrate use of mobile phone connection speed slow.

in order to ensure the strength of the signal, AT& T has been set up specially in the field of mobile towers, after obtaining the approval of the apple engineers in get jobs at the same time, to modify the program of display using a mobile phone, so no matter the scene of the signal strength and signal strength is displayed on the screen to full, “if the wireless network really down must restart, found that we don’t want to be the audience, so must keep the cell phone signal strength always show on the screen to full.” Greg farmers explanation.

however, there is one of the most important problems have not been able to solve: the iPhone only 128 MB of memory, could not be started at the same time a number of functions. But jobs insisted on display at the scene of the event all important function, which makes the engineers pinched a cold sweat. Finally, in order to solve this problem, they have to prepare more iphones on the stage, let Steve jobs took turns to use.

product event officially held until the day, Greg agriculture specially bought a bottle of scotch whisky, relieve tension. Greg farmers and other apple employees sitting in the audience, the fifth row whenever jobs to complete certain functions of display, responsible engineer or manager and then drink a mouthful of whisky, released more than two years to accumulate stress.

difficult such as the development process of the moon

since the iPod launch, Steve jobs has been to send and receive e-mails, phone calls, listen to music three big functions integration on a device. But, every time jobs and discuss the conclusion at the top is not optimistic, you think this is a kind of suicide for company. Because of the limitation of chips and bandwidth using a mobile phone to browse the web, download music or films will be very slow. As for the mobile phone to send and receive E-mail, blackberry has long occupied the market of this field.

but Mr Jobs did not give up any possibility. In 2003, apple even considered buying MOTOROLA mobility, but for the apple, the transaction cost is too high, cannot afford to apple.

despite the difficulties, apple, after all, relying on their own strength, started the almost impossible task. From 2005 to 2006, apple has designed three versions of the iPhone. In the process of the hard, many engineers left the company. Participate in one of the project director Tony fee (13.84, 0.00, 0.00%), dell (Tony Fadell), says the iPhone development comparable tasks “human” on the first venture to the moon, there are too many unknown.

at the time, jobs want iPhone with Mac OS X, but let the OS X smooth run on mobile phone chips, it must be reduced to one over ten of the original program. To achieve this goal, engineers have to rewrite the program code, and because there was no developed practical mobile phone chips, engineers can only temporarily, by means of simulated test program code.

another dilemma is multi-touch technology. Although multi-touch technology has been around for years, but no one has ever used in consumer electronics, and application of the technology on the small screen size and glass materials. In addition, apple must find has the production technology of LCD manufacturers, and to their capacity to neutral.

since then, in order to test on the health effects of the wireless communication, apple has set up a testing laboratory, and buy a lot of equipment, using the model test the human brain by radiation intensity in the use of mobile phones. According to estimates, in order to develop the first generation of the iPhone, apple cut down a total of $150 million.

in 2006, developed the second version of the iPhone, aluminum, have qualitative feeling, this is Steve jobs and design director ivey masterpiece, but hurt the engineering department, because the metal material will prevent transmission of wireless communication. Jobs and ivey are artists, but they do not know anything about physics, so the engineers have to’s best efforts to explain to the two principles.

in addition to solve technical problems, 80 hours of overtime every week, another pressure is the engineering department, can’t work with anyone about their own content. Apple “is a well-known fact, but beyond that, members of the project on a business trip, must also be disguised as other company’s employees, must not let the other side found himself from apple; To provide some suppliers design and industrial design also is false, in order to avoid leakage of confidential, so the supplier don’t know their products are provide for the use of the iPhone, until after the product launch, to take a tumble.

source: sina science and technology