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The Nature of Different Bike Locks

There are many reported cases of bicycles being stolen all over the place. These transportation devices are experiencing a re-emergence of their once popular status. You therefore need to make sure you have secured yours, lest it gets stolen.

You need to be aware of a few facts when you go looking for the bike lock. You need to know that as much as you shall have the lock, the bike might still be stolen. There are exceptional locks that shall make any thief’s efforts to steal the bike an uphill task. You therefore need to go looking for the most secure lock you can find. In case you decide to cut costs, you will be risking theft of your bike. This does not mean you should wait till you can afford the best locks in the market.

There are many types of bike locks in the market. Each serves a specific type of bike range, as well as the different situations where they come in handy, depending on where you stay and where you have to park it.

You will find the U-locks, that look just like the letter. It is the most popular design, and also the most secure. They shall stop a thief who tried using heavy tools to steal the bike. AS you buy, try and get one that has the shortest possible U arms. It should not be easy to insert a tool in between the arms to make it easy to break it. Their different sizes make it easy for you to select the one you need.

You also have a choice in the cable lock type. They are better at adaptability, but are less secure than the U-locks. They are ideal for areas that experience less crimes. You can also buy it and use it alongside the U-lock.

There is also the chain lock. These are usually tough, and the toughness increases with the size. The chain is usually the one with the strongest design. The lock is better if it is as strong as the chain. It does not make sense to have a strong chain combined with a weak lock. Since it is heavy, you have to bear with its weight everywhere you go, which is not what most people wish to do.

You also have the choice of seat and wheel skewer types. They are light in weight thus easy to ferry about. They, however, are the simplest to break. They are surprisingly popular in high crime rate areas, since they need some unique tools to break them open.

You will appreciate the importance of having these bike locks. But you also must see the importance of the keys to these locks. They also present a challenge in their complex nature.

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