The beginning of the apple iTunes ten years: transformation

we used often to download songs to a computer, because many are free (but often illegal), and then we will burn the songs to CD .

iTunes changed all that, iTunes asked us to download music to pay for us. It USES digital content copyright restrictions we, at the same time, also forces us to buy expensive apple hardware devices. It will be paid for music download services, network and computer / mobile music management tool set at a suit, looks like the original equipment and function have some fat. As the years passed, after 10 years, iTunes all competitors behind.

there is no surprise that apple with a time axis way to celebrate “ iTunes 10 years “.

Windows Vista possible exception, a large company does not allow the software in the system is running, so always prompt public contempt. And the Vista failure, iTunes has been in the growth, development, when the apple as a computer maker has not been approved, but iTunes has made great success, apple has since swift development, become the world’s largest technology and media companies.

2003 , 4 on and day, in the apple iTunes music stores, only 20 song, all the songs for each 0.99 $. On the same day, apple launched its third generation also iPod , CD but also a little bit small, but it can accommodate 7500 songs. Starting point and content of these weak interactions, music, movies, software are completely change happens, of course, the wealth of the apple is also becoming more and more.

ten years ago, the estimate of the apple is a share 6.66 $, and now has reached a share 400 $. iTunes store has a lot of American landscape and large video, iTunes can make us easily to buy digital content for the first time, and let us know, these digital content is worth paying for.

iTunes has iPhone

iTunes help apple again big strides. Steve jobs launched the strategy of “digital center”, to guide apple from a failed computer makers to consumer electronics manufacturers, it is recognized that the correctness of the equally important, iTunes has given rise to iPhone .

in the past ten years, apple’s rapid expansion in one of the important reasons is iPhone , sudden rise of the mobile phone industry in media player could hurt apple industry status, so apple choose cooperate with MOTOROLA, but 5 years listed in the Rokr E1 my phone was laughed at by the outside world. Users complained that the mobile phone hardware disappointing, can only be stored 100 first iTunes .

two years later, apple launched its own products, iPhone the emergence of apple’s iTunes , iPod cooperate with MOTOROLA after striking evolution, the point is, if not first iTunes , might not have iPhone and iPod this product, at present iTunes the valuation of accounts for apple 60% above.


iTunes 11 after the launch or are criticized, even not fruit powder. In the iPhone the initial stage, jobs realized iTunes for the significance of this revolutionary product.

the iPhone through iTunes automatic synchronization to PC or Mac , iTunes all the media content synchronization to iPhone , including your music, books, podcasts, movies, TV shows, video and so on. In addition can also sync phone contacts, calendar, photos,