The battle of apple Google who is the winner?

Beijing time on May 19, the tech blog site ReadWrite staff writer Derek? Brown (Derek Brown) recently published an article, said the fight between apple and Google are over, said Android is like an empty from the inside to eat apple worms, was eating into the core of the apple.


according to market research firm Gartner, according to data from the global system for Android smartphone sales in the first quarter of this year is four times the size of the iOS smartphone sales, compared with the same period in 2012 increased 2.5 times the size of picture. In addition, in the first quarter of this year on Android smartphone sales accounted for 74% of total global smartphone sales, up from 57% a year earlier, the iOS smartphone sales accounted for about 23% from a year earlier fell to just 18%.

apple ever advantage is becoming irrelevant

according to this, there may be fruit powder (or even some commentators) will put forward the following objections:

1 last quarter, apple did not release major new products

2, should be in the comparison process, tablet sales into account

3, should consider the iOS equipment installation quantity

4, iOS application developers income more than developing Android applications

5, most of the industry profits are still from apple

this view were correct, but the Android mobile phone is sweeping the global consumer purse with surprising speed, under the condition of these future development for apple almost irrelevant. Brown believes that if the momentum of a sustained again in a few quarters, coupled with the cumulative effect of the past 2-3 years sales data release and the possibility of an Android tablet boom, Android will soon dominate the world market.

in a technology platform as the leading industry, developers and manufacturers such as the first premise of think of the future products and solutions is to determine which platform has a strong market penetration.

move the fight is over, Google won

brown said the fight in the field of mobile first launched in 2001 by apple iPod, then, as the iPhone and the advent in succession in 2007 and 2007 and intensified, but he stressed that the fight is over (or will soon end), and the final winner is Google and Android.

apple’s success a once-in-a-century

commentators, analysts and investors need to realize it: apple’s product cycle in the period 2001-2012 and performance are better, is rare. Brown believes that history there has never been any company (or any a short-term) can like apple, iPod, iTunes, Mac, iOS, iPhone, and the each product will be a great success. Apple’s perfect combination of software and hardware is absolutely defeated the existing competitors, and opened up a new market, many apple in the market has for years been almost monopoly, and also brought the unprecedented revenue growth and profitability.

however, apple’s heyday glamorous sales data is difficult to climb the peak in the future. Even under the best conditions, apple’s future may also influence wane, decline in revenue, profit margins could shrink.

cloud services is apple soft rib

brown thinks, worse apple may not have fully prepared for the future competition.

he said, the importance of Web services is growing not only greatly weakened the apple software and hardware to seamlessly combine the value of the core, but also highlights the Google business advantage. Web services is the lifeblood of Google, which directly or indirectly generate income for it. While apple is in this respect in the marking time, its future is likely to be forced to denounce is gigantic endowment in a shopping spree to make up for the Web services.

translation: tencent technology