The battle of 3 b channels continued: baidu form hao123 coalition

hunting cloud network from familiar with baidu senior sole, according to people familiar with the place of the baidu recently formed hao123 alliance, the purpose is to strengthen the promotion of navigation website hao123, strengthening its channel layout.

according to people familiar with the hao123 alliance was launched last week. “Hao123 is characterized as baidu union alliance business, after nearly a year of time hao123 foreign into 800 million. Baidu now splits out the hao123 alliance, to form a new hao123 alliance.”

baidu union foreign announcement said, since July 1, 2013, baidu union hao123 business has migrated to a new platform – hao123 alliance:, so as to provide better service for you.

hao123 union has introduced a set of hao123 to the home page of cooperation, website standing jump, the third party browser built-in cooperation, baidu browser built-in, hao123 desktop shortcut and various forms of business cooperation.

apparently, these cooperation set hao123 to the home page or baidu in-browser cooperation and other cooperation, are directed at baidu channels.

analysts convective cloud network, said form of hao123 coalition, independent business, flexible management, leaning to the performance of the hao123 is baidu resources, baidu to improve channel layout.” Predictably, the league of hao123 into is higher than the baidu union.”

hao123 affiliated with hao123 division alliance, by February of this year has just reached the vice President of dong-chen zhang is responsible for.

in April this year, the comprehensive revision of hao123. In content, personalization, and localization and so on has carried on the improvement, greatly promoted in proportion to the content, again led the Internet navigation industry. First screen that is set to content to the direction of the navigation bar, url, movies, entertainment, news, TV plays, military, small game 7 big plate. Netizens mouse touch your navigation, content rendering a page can directly push the corresponding premium content, to avoid the inconvenience brought by the new page is loaded. Based on the user’s interests and browse the past records, to provide users with interest the weibo content of matching degree is high, the automatic arrangement optimization.

the mood, hao123 is intended to enhance the user viscosity.

the industry analysis, with 3 b war entered the stage of stalemate, baidu and 360 in addition to the acquisition of bringing in a third party as well as the channel, certainly will will fully tap existing resources, strengthen their own channel layout.