The balance Po 18 days users exceed 2.5 million accumulated into capital exceeds 6.6 billion

(editor: liu)

pay treasure and celestica fund today disclosed the balance Po online half a month since the operational data, online since June 13 to June 30 and 24 points, accumulative total subscribers has reached 2.5156 million, the cumulative into funds of 6.601 billion yuan, total amount is 1.204 billion yuan for consumption.

users in paid treasure to put money into the balance within the treasure, is to buy the celestica fund ZengLi treasure monetary fund. After the funds into can like alipay balance at any time for consumption, transfer and other spending, still can enjoy the monetary fund of fund companies to provide investment income, capturing value.

data show that as of June 30 24 points into stock funds reached 5.7 billion yuan (including 15 points after Thursday to Sunday has not confirmed purchase amount), only 18 days will ZengLi celestica fund partners treasure money funds onto the throne of the users, the largest Chinese currency fund.

according to the online from June 13 to June 30, 24 points, balance treasure 18 days accumulative total to $6.601 billion of funds, to number 2.8691 million, the cumulative amount (mainly refers to use the balance pay treasure to shopping), 1.204 billion, the cumulative number of 1.6444 million. There are two primary and secondary above into the behavior of users reached 579600, show that more than 23% of users have the habit of reuse the balance Po. According to keep into funds 5 billion, balance the treasure since the average daily net to as high as 280 million yuan of funds, far more than the previous insiders predict 560 million/day.

pay treasure, were introduced from the aspects as of June 30, balance ZengLi treasure treasure cooperation monetary fund annualized yield as high as 6.299%, the latest 7 copies revenue reached 1.6518 yuan.

at the same time, pay treasure today announced a new client pay treasure to purse the official opening balance function, the Android version of the first online today, but the iOS version of the wallet is still in the process of the App Store shelves routine, is expected in the near future can download and install.