The audio/music SourceAudio trading platform to raise $1.2 million m

the original music trading platform SourceAudio , recent financing style=”the font-family: Times New Roman;”> 120 million dollars.

co-founder and current Geoffrey Grotz told reporters that SourceAudio is not to set up shop, a simple music consumption but is committed to build a better platform for musicians and music companies, allowing them to build their own web pages, in order to advertise their music, TV shows, and, of course, all kinds of songs, facilitate others can do the search.

If there is no this platform, in general, you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create websites. In SourceAudio built “unified platform, users can customize their website, but its underlying architecture technology or by the SourceAudio unified control.

the company said, at present they established the 600 directory, 3400 a music label with 500 millions of songs, while their profits from convection media hosting, price per month and $.

Grotz also said that the platform system provided by the music streaming media for the big media companies, can develop into a music library. SourceAudio the long-term goal is to with iTunes and amazon reached billions of dollars in global music licensing business.

as far as we know, SourceAudio the source of funds, mainly Emerson investment group, the group has invested a lot of listed companies.