The apple will be released as early as end of 4 k high-definition TV

Beijing time on March 27, news, according to Digitimes Taiwan website, from the source of a supply chain, apple will be released at the end of this year or early next year at 4 k high-definition TV.

it is understood that a new product that apple may will be named “iTV. Source, the television screen resolution of 3840 x 2160, configure voice and body feeling control functions, and can be connected to the Internet.

although Digitimes website in the prediction of the accuracy of the report on new apple products in good time, but the display industry sources is more reliable.

if true, the resolution of the apple iTV would be in the 4 k of 2160 p high-definition television standards, allegedly this kind of product of four times the size of the number of 1080 p high-definition television. In this year’s international consumer electronics show, and other exhibitions, south Korean LG and samsung brand shows many 4 k TV. However, 4 k high-definition TV price does not poor, is beyond the scope of most ordinary consumers.

according to the sources, apple and its partners, foxconn high-definition television mass production has been discussed some time. However, it is said that apple is looking for reliable supplier panel. Digitimes website said, most has the manufacture of this kind of display to satisfy the demand of the Chinese manufacturers, this year has been close to the capacity limit.

although apple’s own display suppliers able to produce such products, but still need to focus on for the iPhone, the device and the mini products such as component needs. LG Display may be in the second half of the year production meet the requirements of the size of panel, so the people familiar with the believe that apple’s iTV may be released at the end of this year, but more likely to early 2014.

translation: tencent technology