The appearance of the Android 4.4 update: more concise, more the depth of integration of Google

naughty Google chose in the Halloween night quietly released new products. Along with the Nexus of 5, and a new generation of the operating system Android 4.4 KitKat. The new operating system will bring significant change to the Android ecosystem, and further integration of the Google service.

more relaxed appearance

the most visible change is a series of new system design, Android becomes more relaxed and concise. The status bar and drop-down notification bar is now a translucent, when using full screen application is completely hidden. The new system has brought a new starter (Launcher), better watch Roboto font, lighter version of the introduction of Android appearance. The Android 4.4 update is not as radical as iOS 7, to say the Kitkat still more Jelly Bean, the design principles are the same. But the details of changes could make you see that it is the new system.

more depth search

dial-up in the new icon, redesigned the entire application. Google the integrating function of yellow pages into the application, you can search to find the contact information of the companies, public institutions and individuals. This column search integration penetrating into every detail of Kitkat, Google using Google search and Google Now send an unprecedented rich information to users. Voice search is also great speed, and can make more feedback.

Google Now also have a big update, specifically to integrate more of your information. Not only can be based on your location, but also based on what you often browse web pages, often to see what the TV programs to provide information. When you search, Google Now is no longer only returns the results page, you can even return to the other results in the application. You search for recipes, for example, it can give you open the menu application related to this page.

Hangouts update: replace the text message

Hangouts is the key in the Android 4.4 update, an unprecedented integration in the system. That is to say: have no SMS application, only Hangouts! Text messages have been replaced with Hangouts. To send and receive messages, text IM chat, voice and video chat, will be borne by the Hangouts a suit.

in addition to native camera also has updated, supporting better HDR + video standards.

for all mobile phones, and other various types of equipment

in addition, the Android 4.4 requires only 512 MB memory, configuration for most of its mobile phones are on the market can achieve this standard. At the same time is suitable for embedded wearable equipment and TV equipment. It also supports more rich, including a pedometer, sensors, wearable devices implanted in a very substantial benefit. Including infrared, if your phone has a corresponding hardware, can use the phone when the TV remote control and other equipment.