The Android 4.4 release, which can upgrade the phone?


in addition to a variety of new features, hunting cloud and one of the most attention topic is: what phone can eat KitKat?

the needless to say, five prince is released with Android 4.4. The pure Android veins.

Nexus 4, two generations of Nexus 7, 10 will upgrade the Nexus Android 4.4

the Nexus fastest product line can always upgrade the new system. The next time the devices will gradually update to Android 4.4. Update time of different products in different regions of the slightly different (the same time update Google servers also’t), please hold equipment friend to wait.

three sons were abandoned…

Google made it clear that the Galaxy Nexus (commonly known as “Google three son”) cannot upgrade to the Android 4.4. The official version is: support for the Nexus series mobile phone lasts only 18 months. So at the end of 2011 issued the Galaxy Nexus of out of place in the update.

this is the official on the “update cycle” spoken out for the first time. This also means that the first generation of Nexus 7, the Nexus of 4 is likely to miss the next generation of Android 5.0 system.

the official also claims that the Galaxy Nexus is using a chip of ti, and the chip is too old, not to upgrade to the latest system. TI have already quit smartphone CPU competition.

two “godson” will also upgrade

Google official confirmation original version of the HTC One, the Galaxy S4 in the next few weeks to upgrade to the Android 4.4. These two device dubbed “godson”, because they are two vendor’s flagship hardware samsung and HTC, system has use native Android (Stock Android) and through Google Play.

HTC first follow up

HTC north American CEO Jason Mackenzie (Jason Mackenzie), said in the operating agreed plate-making HTC One within 30 days after the upgrade to the Android 4.4.

custom machine and operators and other north American HTC One will receive the Android 4.4 update within 90 days.

at the moment we don’t know how soon will the samsung, LG and other mobile phone to upgrade to the Android.

test time for manufacturer’s conscience!

Android 4.4 using good memory control technology, theoretically allow any “entry level” on the market (512 RAM) Android upgrade to the latest system.

but it is only in theory. In addition to the Nexus phone system upgrade, is controlled by mobile phone manufacturers and operators.

new hardware for sales and cost considerations, the Android’s giant are notorious in terms of system upgrade. Older models not to upgrade, the new aircraft delay to upgrade. Only when a flagship have a chance to upgrade the new system as soon as possible, but this as soon as possible, with monthly.

but we can observe the recent HTC, samsung and SONY to upgrade the speed of the new system has quickened significantly. Perhaps with recently at least three new versions of the Android update pace is not big.

they would “conscience”, to the older fleet upgrade the new system? We do not have too much hope. Still looking forward to the CM to a third party such as ROM team?