The amazon to buy books recommended Goodreads website

Beijing time on March 29, according to foreign media reports, amazon announced Thursday, Goodreads will acquire social reading and recommendation service web site, the site has more than 16 million users worldwide, the deal will help boost amazon e-book service.

based in San Francisco, Goodreads is one of the most famous online book community, users can review and recommend books between each other, and can be from amazon and Barnes &noble (Barnes & amp; Noble) to buy books, and other Internet retailers. Goodreads said, there are more than 30000 book clubs around the world use the site service.

the deal is expected to be in a few weeks to complete, acquisition comes as amazon’s e-book retail competitors, including apple and Google, in sharp gains in digital book sales. New York consulting firm Idea Logical chief executive Michael schatz, tianjin (Mike Shatzkin) said: “this is amazon’s the right thing to do, if you’re a book dealer, so you can think in terms of online marketing is amazon and Goodreads.”

schatz, jin said, as the reader are increasingly using tablets and e-readers to find new authors and works, the deal to become an online book services merge two of the most influential companies. “It makes me question whether amazon’s competitors also awake,” schatz, jin said, “how can they allow such transactions occur?”

Goodreads was established in 2007, the founder is Otis Chandler (Otis Chandler) and his wife Elizabeth (Elizabeth). In an interview, chandler said, Goodreads services will continue to keep connection with other retail sites. But he also disclosed that Goodreads plan for the use of amazon’s Kindle electronic reading devices provide further integration.

chandler said, acquired by amazon, Goodreads team will remain the same. The two companies disclosed specific amount of the deal.

chandler said, has a significant impact on traditional media, social media and social media will one day also significant influence on book industry, so he decided to sell the Goodreads. He said, after combined with amazon, Goodreads can continue to make innovations in the field.

the amazon Kindle content business vice President Ruth teh Denny’s (Russ Grandinetti) said: “the amazon and are full of enthusiasm to reinvent reading Goodreads. Goodreads promote a change of the way we found and discuss books, while amazon with Kindle enlarged the scope of reading around the world. In addition, amazon and Goodreads helped tens of thousands of authors realize the cover a wider range of readers, and rely on his own special skill raise living standards. We hope to develop a new way, readers and authors are satisfied.”

Barnes &noble spokeswoman refused to comment on the deal send table. Barnes says electronic chart in sales in the United States to occupy 25% of the market, and the ability to compete with amazon. New York consulting firm Market Partners International, President of los Ryan, shawn (Lorraine Shanley) believes that some Goodreads users may produce hesitation, because they like the service because it does not belong to which a large media or technology company.

Sean said: “from the point of view of amazon, this is a good idea, but early comments from Goodreads website and some social networking websites, many Goodreads community feeling that one’s independence is threatened.”

source: tencent technology