The amazon Appstore in China, the Kindle into China is ready

although published last month by the Appstore expand route list is not China, but unexpectedly in the amazon China opened its Android Appstore . In the original list that amazon plans in 200 in the country to promote their own appstore , which also includes a long list of the names of the Asian countries (except Chinese).

the electric commercial own inquiries about the Chinese market door hardware process is long and bumpy. The amazon in China means that the electricity finally crossed that barrier. Although amazon appstore is applicable to any Android equipment (including China) now, can be used as exclusive characteristic is that it is one of the amazon tablet the Kindle Fire appstore . Now it seems these tablets will soon be in China, maybe go hand in hand with them and the Kindle ebook reader.

amazon users commitment to the Chinese, in their appstore there will be a large number of local and overseas companies in China to make the game, some of which comes from tencent and sina.

in the news release a few weeks ago, amazon has launched its cloud storage service in China. Earlier, four months ago, it also released the ebook market in China. Amazon with hardware, in theory, everything, open the Chinese market, it is time to at the moment.

the amazon is not the first introduced in China pay channels Android third-party applications market, but it does further strengthening digital content pay to improve app the developer’s income. At the same time Google Play store in China only provide free app .