The administration “intelligence alliance” retraces the PRISM project

PRISM project’s earliest history can be traced back to the 70 s. At that time, the United States government has worked with its 70 “trusted” companies established “intelligence alliance” organization, the Special information Operations (Special Source Operations). And today was the PRISM is the “intelligence alliance” part of the subordinates.

in addition, another in the silicon valley national intelligence project – BLARNEY. The project is responsible for collecting all kinds of “metadata”, including address packets, device signature information, and so on. In general, the way it captures data, is the one with the Internet backbone nodes, collect the information. Is different from the PRISM of the eagle, the symbol of BLARNEY is one clover and a little hat. Legal task of this project is described as: using the intelligence community (intelligence community) and business partners, through the global Internet, mining foreign intelligence.

however, the PRISM is more like the September 11 incident, President bush signed a series of controversial “unauthorized surveillance act” (the patriot act). Richer, ironically, when the project of barack Obama has been criticized as a candidate, but now in Obama’s presidency of the development of “great”. Along the way, the PRISM is getting more and more deviated from the original “legal duty”, started in using technology, “mining” the direction of the development of personal information.

Via the Washington post