Tesla electric cars carrying Chrome, or run native Android in the future

as Space X founder Elon Musk though didn’t take a rocket into Space, but as a Tesla CEO, he drove the electric car to travel around the world. He recently in a speech in Germany, often compare themselves with iron man Tony Stark, and new energy, hydrogen – spoke fuel cars, in contrast to most people.

Musk Munich the audience said: “fuel cell car is nonsense.” At the same time, he also use the experience of the electric car with his analyzed why the electric car will beat fuel cars around the world solve the energy problem.

Musk said: “they’re the only reason for the development of fuel cell is money, but in fact, their research in fuel cell vehicles, will be all sorts of factors are ideal, even now common lithium batteries don’t need this kind of state, so, the feasibility of this technology there is no real.”

in a speech later, Musk and experience from his work in the Space X, why didn’t he think that fuel cell technology development prospects. “Put large amounts of hydrogen in a confined space is difficult, and hydrogen itself is also a kind of very dangerous matter, therefore, it is more suitable for general unmanned rocket, and do not suit must be someone’s car.”

in addition, after the analysis of the fuel cell, in 2014, he also elaborate on the Tesla’s plan, they plan to Chrome to car dashboard, Musk and even envision native Android transplanted into their car, so the driver can run on a 17-inch touch screen App.