Tencent’s mobile phone assistant: failure products recycled again

according to the “daily economic news” report, learned from tencent internal that tencent will be officially launched recently “tencent mobile phone assistant”.

the personage inside course of study thinks, the tencent launched mobile phone assistant, is a comprehensive layout mobile application distribution, computers and mobile phones linkage management consideration. Be worth what carry is, yesterday also announced its 360 mobile phone assistant policy, claimed 360 mobile phone assistant will serve as a truly open platform, worth $50000 for free with the new online games promotion resources.

at present, baidu, 360 are increasing investment to the application of distributed competition, tencent how to break through? Tencent has been in the field of application of distributed mobile PC version, application of treasure, they and the relationship between the tencent mobile assistant and will be how to deal with? The problem remains to be further observation.

this, tencent official has not spoken out.

who declined to be named the mobile Internet business executives told cloud network hunting, tencent launched mobile phone assistant don’t need to fuss, because of the mobile phone assistant tencent launched early, it’s just that the time don’t call phone assistant, assistant called application, this may increase the platform properties, but also be in its form.

according to hunt cloud network survey, found that as early as in August 2011, tencent has introduced application of assistant to the product.

assistant “application for Android” official website, the product features to download Android applications, mobile phone support PC synchronization management resources, used to download, install, uninstall, upgrade and import and export, new contacts, modify, delete, management, computer send and receive text messages, group messaging, music import and export, support for video transcoding, mobile phone screen capture, reduction cell phone backup data, support WiFi connection.

application assistant direct competitors tencent’s 91 mobile phone assistant, pea pods, 360 mobile phone assistant.

analysts believe that despite tencent has a huge number of users but tencent application of assistant quantity has been up, similar lags far behind rivals. In the face of pressure from rivals, tencent changed its name to strengthen the promotion of this product.

“products should be failure oven renovation again.” The person said.