Tencent’s literature and shanda literature not only poor a wu

tencent investment qidian wu team is undoubtedly a bomb, the news of the industry began to speculate, tencent with micro letter mass user groups, powerful channel laying, convenient means of payment, in the era of mobile Internet, tencent can copy the posterior of shanda literature?

tencent literature can realize the corner overtaking?

let’s analysis, cloud network hunting has been interpreted in detail what shanda literature is a company? Is how to make money? Shanda literature array starting point in the Chinese market share is the largest, is very typical research significance.

1, a subscription model starting point Chinese books online is usually a freemium model, a novel chapters for free before hundreds of thousands of words, produce readership into VIP and chapters only paid after reading. According to the user the different starting point, collect fees from thousand words six cents to thousand words three cents. Subscription model is the result of the reader and the author of the depth of communication, starting point type network literature is a purely commercial writing, fast reading. If the author to write something for the readers’ recognition, even if there were offensive to readers of the content in the chapter may cause loss of user. Such subscription under pressure of writing to pursue high-level, stimulate the reader’s senses with constantly refreshed. Current into methods according to the starting point, if a writer can have 5000 loyal users, can realize the monthly income of over million. Starting point for more than a great god subscription up to tens of thousands of annual income of millions. And according to hunt cloud network BBS in the beginning the author gathered dragon sky survey, most authors incomes ranging from one thousand to five thousand.

2, reward mechanism in addition to the subscription, readers can also urge more votes for consumption, etc. However, the most direct and most popular model is exceptional. Readers can directly enjoy a certain amount of starting point COINS to the author, starting from officials and the author into the income. So we can see that some of the author in free phase can get revenue by exceptional. Play is more direct than subscription consumption patterns. Books often have readers chanted, review of zone below if the author makes the protagonist in the book down to a female character, was XXX starting point currency appreciation. This kind of direct stimulation of the more intensified the commercial attribute of the article.

3, monthly ticket for article, the author, the list of the most important is the commutation ticket and book a list of recommended list. Book list depends on the collection itself readers recommend this book for many times. The monthly ticket list is books into the VIP readers of financial resources. Every reader in consumption reaches a certain amount of monthly ticket can be generated in senior VIP, for example, there may be a month six monthly ticket, he can put the six monthly ticket vote for their favorite book. To help get a better monthly pass their favorite book list seats, many readers will be in play to admire the way to boost consumption, brush commutation ticket. The higher the status in monthly ticket list, the author on the one hand, in order to gain more cash incentives, on the other hand can improve exposure. Thus gave rise to the monthly ticket business, there is a lot of control multiple accounts to a third party to sell the monthly pass, to help the author to brush commutation ticket list, there are even avid readers to seek such services to help authors brush list.

start characteristics of network literature more than ten years of development has formed a unique atmosphere and profit model. Different from traditional literature, the article has the following characteristics:

pure commercial network literature had not the personal interest of network show, but a mature business. The author to write for money, the reader to read his duties. So monthly ticket business, write studio increasingly rampant. A book is the author early, maybe later became a studio collective products. The author to please the readers, the work update faster and faster, mainstream author updated daily common starting point in the six thousand to ten thousand words, TangGuSanShao such writers even can guarantee hundreds more word continuously sun. A book for millions of words are common, so as to maximize exploitation value.

classification clear please reader type writing another is market segment. First taste segmentation, men and women starting point mainly male readers (although there is a starting point for the girl network), jinjiang literature is given priority to with female readers. Within the site and is subdivided city, history, fix true, plane, tried, love all kinds of.

start kind of article is another mode of “the dream silk economy”. Voice and video industry 9158, class of YY, have achieved some results.

for cloud network hunting small make up of network literature and traditional literature is different, the product of tencent tencent literature when you, the reader Mr Wang contribute to hunt cloud network also said, shanda literature and tencent is totally two different world. His analysis is as follows:

1, the network literature and traditional literature is not a ‘

grand network literature primary starting point, jinjiang has created a new literary pattern, such as the literature production method is different from traditional literature. Starting point, for example, a popular writer, update the amount in more than 10000 words on average, general holidays. LiangSanBaiWan words very easily at a book, the reader daily update, not buy origin, but according to the chapter, buy word. The authors take revenue sharing. The interaction between readers and writers are very frequent. Not update too slow, cannot satisfy most of the readers, reader complaints book will sell less than money, here I write this, commonly known as “eunuch”. Article in such readers “to” on the road more walk more far, has become a very typical fast-moving consumer goods, whether it’s through, rebirth, fix true, magic, martial arts, overhead, or tried, lily, infinite flow, all kinds of traditional authors absolutely unheard of nouns.

this tencent we signed are what the author? All writers and scholars in the field of traditional publishing professors. These professors and TangGuSanShao, I eat tomatoes, wild silkworm potatoes, sky crane, dream can have any intersection between the man? Behind these names are familiar to the public, in front of these is not necessarily, but in the field of article, these are behind the great god, and they are or were once shanda literature boomed the network literature writers, including income a must.

tencent you is not what the media, also not is what network literature, but rather to carry the traditional books to sell on the Internet. And traditional literature online sales and network literature are very different things, for this kind of feeling deep divergence is han han, he once on the starting point of a grand platform has a failed attempt.

2, different target groups

big classes of network literature has formed its own unique consumer group, the mainstream consumer groups, that is, the legendary “another Internet”, and 9158, YY and the like, the second – and third-tier cities or urban and rural areas, population prick silk, all sorts of small business owners… These people may never have seen Yuan Weishi, more is not what’s scholar zhang Ming said. They just one thousand words 3 cents went to the starting point to see their happy YY, figure a happy.

tencent’s all aimed at consumers in the traditional paper books are, tencent’s future is gradually change their consumption habits, competition, the opponent is amazon Kindle, keep looking and don pioneers, such as electronic publishing like tea, rather than the network literature.
Network literature, the author gathered the sky dragon BBS has the author once wrote: the difference between traditional literature and network literature, the somebody else is like heaven street and railway station. Don’t rough rough words.

publishing executives in hunting and cloud network communication, points out that although tencent has a lot of resources, have read, tencent QQ you such a product, but was not built in one night can network literature.

in the process of seeking outside investors, wu open network literature is a slow movement: LeiJunCeng ask wu, if there is a corner overtaking opportunities? Wu answered, the content of industrial accumulation is no shortcut. His team to build new sites, at first one or two years, also have to slowly accumulated resources, after the starting point, and then to seek the new mode.

but this is not to say that tencent is there really no chance, said only a short period of time, tencent literature after miss shanda literature, but a couple of years, tencent has years of network literature, with tencent product matrix, the enemy’s vast resources, tencent still have opportunity in the field of network literature and grand.

from this Angle, we don’t have much time left to shanda literature, shanda literature in three years if not listed, don’t money, market prospect, and the whole team will face great disadvantage.