Tencent’s literary background exposure: mo yan platform

hunting cloud network news on September 10,

tencent literature in modern Chinese museum held a conference today, the first public members of the “family”, and published the whole industry chain development strategy.

Tencent issued covering literature system, Chinese website creation, cloud up academy, best-selling books, such as QQ, QQ reading center product brands. Creation of Chinese focus on male readers, the clouds up college focus on women readers. And QQ, QQ reading centers act as channels to distribute tasks.

on the literary ecological construction, tencent literature and including writers publishing house, people’s literature publishing house, a line of press
A copyright cooperation. In the film and television literature, tencent literature also has a layout. Tencent announced it had literature and huayi brothers, film and television institutions established a strategic cooperation “quality film script supporting alliance” (traceability a mutual fund pools), to support the extensive entertainment development of literary works.

most remarkably, tencent literature major, please come to China’s first Nobel Prize winner, mo yan platform formed including mo yan, loy, su tong, famous writers such as liu zhen “tencent literary master of the panel. Hunting cloud network noticed that mo yan’s arrival at the scene, triggering media camp a commotion.

tencent literature as the latter of the network literature, relying on abundant capital, the vast number of users, and the abundant marketing resources will inevitably disturb the pattern of network literature market.