Tencent’s investment in sogou two people rejoice more than sorrow

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

big news, dystocia bride sogou belonging finally settled, but the groom is not 360 times after rumours, but the market value of just crossed the billions of dollars of giant tencent. I’m afraid the results surprised a lot of people, even some of wulitou, the author will be summed up in one word: tencent in sogou, two people happy people.

the first joy, nature is wang. Tencent’s investment, but still retains the CEO position ogawa, sogou independent development, or their own worlds, and with the promise of the great trees of tencent drainage, can continue to dominate the company, to seek independent public. Than a buyout by 360, ogawa more beautiful, the last 3 s merger after the introduction of a spoiler in ali succeed again stop 3 s merger, ogawa is magnificently, high-spirited.

the second joyful, is ma. Tencent search market share that really didn’t have much value, basic belong to product of tencent abandoned, QQ pinyin input method in the sogou input method and baidu input method under the extrusion of market share is very difficult to have breakthrough. Tencent’s market value just crossed the billions, Mr Ma, the deal with housing assets and market value of 4.48 per thousand cash received after reportedly valued at $1.5 billion a 36.5% stake in sogou, housing assets amount to about $547 million, and achieved the goal that prevent competitors from 360 acquisition. The deal for mascherano is lanterns also hard to find, can not be happy.

two happy people, who would worry, says below worry surely more than one

the most sad people, must belong to baidu. Due to 360 search navigation flow most browsers are from 360 and 360, sogou combined search, therefore, has little influence on 360 search share. But otherwise, on baidu first tencent’s powerful drainage can eat into baidu’s search share directly. Second, sogou input method and QQ pinyin input method combined, will is the first big input method, directly to the baidu im far left behind. And at present in the PC sogou input method, has begun to capture the current capacity of baidu, is expected to two input method after the merger, action will be faster.

and, most important, but also in the mobile terminal, sogou input method and QQ pinyin input method after the merger, baidu input method to the mobile position was precarious, input the end products were almost half a piece of the mobile Internet tickets don’t want to get.

is zhang and sohu shareholders to sad again. If the price of us $360 with $1.5 billion acquisition of sogou sohu’s shareholders will be able to direct cash out and hold 360 shares, but now he only pay $448 million in cash, tencent sohu shareholders have lost a lot of opportunities.

but said zhang will be anxious, because I’m a real fan of Charles. Charles Grosvenor LTD always handsome flamboyant, with their own big dream, do not conform to the own values of things never compromise, that in his cut sohu video shows the product can be seen. But the accept tencent a stake in, it was the compromise appears to be a difficult and distress. Nature is not much $448 million, sohu has not sent the money, and search share I want to also disdain for Charles, tencent portal drainage, but as established portal sohu scoff at tencent.

I would like to accept the Charles, a more influenced by wang and compromise on the mobile Internet strategy. The sohu in mobile Internet only decent products only sogou input method and the strong push the sohu news of the client. News client viscosity is not enough, sogou input method although occupy a certain advantage, but in the face of the dominance of WeChat of tencent, baidu im moving the aggressive, Charles can only choose to compromise, cooperate with tencent, with the aid of tencent in the strength of mobile Internet, die first sogou input method on the mobile end share, get mobile Internet tickets, on the sides.

but sogou from others and become a tool tencent strategic defense in 360. Sogou sold 360, Charles river’s lake can hold together and Lao zhou, of two people fighting baidu, search and dream is two people can issue, that will be what kind of spirit. And once the tencent benefits on the mobile end cover the sogou input method, but never lose the chance of a horizontal gun immediately challenge baidu. Tencent search for so many years, if useful, tencent’s drainage would have to do, also don’t have to merge to sogou, Charles could not understand this truth. So this cooperation, more is helpless, Charles basic equal to give up the PC search.

360 Zhou Hongyi nature may also be worried, lost a merge old, rapid growth challenge baidu strategic opportunity, at the same time old three old four away from his rivals, also fell by nearly 360 shares also affected all 5 points and some qi since there is no table. Currently tencent from safety to search to the game and so on, to value 360 development, has brought Lao zhou.

but, as the previous analysis, 360 search share to 360 since the browser and navigation, not affected by the combined, and the combined market share of official said was 16%, the real data of how many we also unknown, but it is certainly not reach 360 search currently accounts for about 20%. Baidu is bound to distraction against new threats, suppression of 360 to relax, so 360 search growth environment will be more easy.

always unexpected, zhou will it be a 360 im out spoiler, I said I can’t sure yet absolutely not.

to worry about another large group, to be the employee of the sogou. Originally in the 360 scandal when everyone cheered, because his paper, coming into $360 of real gold and silver shares, 360 shares and $90, is not a small number, all natural. But tencent, sogou sogou or wang xiaochuan, paper is still blank, can only continue struggling on the day of waiting for the IPO, but with only one input method, enough to IPO? This problem can only be ogawa, such as children’s shoes to answer.