Tencent’s investment in sogou, 360 should laugh or cry?

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tencent a $448 million stake in sogou news is released, it has caused quite a stir in the industry, the 360 acquisition of sogou, isn’t it? About the sogou deal, just a year after, just coming out of sogou is working with search discuss the merger agreement, but then between tencent and sogou, but with the incoming of 360 May be slowly faded from the public point of view. After comprehensive efferent with $360 and $1.4 billion buy-out sogou, probably spread for five months, finally with the recent tencent in sogou and the dust settles. The insider really behind all this back analysis carefully, as now, the industry was known as the 360 tencent paste and failed bid? The author is trying to straighten out the deal may change the search engine market, found some different things, there are necessary and everybody said said.

360 grass boat borrow arrow, behind only to improve their share price

360 acquisition of sogou it of all kinds of rumors, “dust settled” these four words within a few months have already appeared a total of N times. When everyone on the possible deal attention falls, there will always be deep throat broke out deals have the dust settles, from $800 million to $1.4 billion, to baidu after 91, $1.9 billion is likely to more than $1.9 billion, every fact is nose have eyes, and even the specific transaction details deep throat have said clearly. Continued to attract attention, but also to deepen the impression that all the deal is going to happen, but the final phase is the emergence of a shocked everyone the result of the eyeball, tencent in sogou. 360 and sohu regardless of whether the original transaction between true and false, the interests behind the same goal, with the help of may cause vibrations in the search engine market, improve their shares. Each negotiation, the stock was up the first time, but after I watch carefully, but found no intention to acquire sogou throughout 360.

listen to the author, just a little below, rumors of five holes:

a rumors, time is too long, trading conditions change is too big. The urgency of the 360 acquisition of sogou doubt, details have been identified, the deal has been not to cash, the pass the xuan.

throughout occur each big mergers and acquisitions in recent years, there is no other transaction will have such a long time. 360 acquisition of sogou conditions also have been changing, light trading amount there several versions. Value in the process of sogou be enlarge unceasingly, in the end the value of sogou is exaggerated of about $2 billion, which is close to with sohu swim this quality sohu company the overall value of the cash cow. The deal has been spread, but it has never been to cash, even if baidu’s $1.9 billion takeover of after 91, to 360 on the application of distributed have caused tremendous pressure, the deal didn’t happen. This have to suspect 360 acquisition of the urgency of the sogou.

2, rumors deliberately aimed at rumours made prevention information, several key figures are still failed to quell denied the news.

360 acquisition of sogou once broke out, the news of wang will take the lead in weibo said the message “unreliable”, then the webmaster conference in 2013, wang and confirmed, and 360 have capital cooperation on oral communication, but there is no formal paper agreement, but in the final stage wang showed obvious don’t approve of the deal, one of the most iconic event is coming from wang xiaochuan relational investors are actively approach, and in 360, after acquisition of sogou may lead the team to go out alone alone, broken.

zhang in wang xiaochuan said after the sohu weibo said: “sohu group nearly billion dollars in cash, don’t need to invest in order to do the video acquisition and sale of sogou.” And on June 18, zhang for sohu video platform meeting the but again so clear, “sogou did and various negotiations, in order to seek the possibility of strategic cooperation. But as for the future direction of sogou, is at a crossroads.”

360 or the old, would not comment on first, and then admit that is negotiation with sogou, until the last qihoo 360 joint CFO alex xu directly made clear in an interview with Reuters, “we have not yet been entered into the phase of pricing, is still considering how to win the assets, and fully integrated in it.” As for Lao zhou, have been stressed its are actively and zhang to negotiate, to the deal is to add a lot of uncertain factors.

a few key people in different time, different occasions for the 360 acquisition of sogou, diameter was not consistent, this rumors have to say is the biggest hole. But the key characters of rumours, was an extremely gossip thing simple crumbled: there are serious differences between wang and zhang, independent leader wang hopes to become a vassal, zhang appeal is to ensure that in the best interests of sohu video can obtain a bigger development. I think this gossip will not be coming sohu group, because they don’t have any benefits of this, on the contrary will bring negative effects. So the only possible news from this only has benefit from 360.

three, with the aid of several acquisition denied precedent before, create an illusion to market, to mislead prove the key to the parties concerned are lying.

if you carefully observe the law behind the every trade rumors, can find general trading rule is this: the news is about to buy B to B company related top retort, deep throat analysis of trade and trade confirmation. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull