Tencent’s foray into reality video industry called “double play” sing 9158

9158 fires, sing, make tencent “stir”, also want a slice of this action. On July 12 began to recruit the first anchorwoman, tencent’s recent use of “bomb” pop-up window began to promote “I want to k song”. Exclaimed in the industry with our friends and I were stunned, the fate of the rhythm is sing to leather and 9158 lives.

pay much attention to the product of tencent, tencent is enabled for this single domain name ktv.qq.com. Compared with the 9158 main reality, however, tencent “karaoke” or a social game. Recruitment anchor means tencent to formal reality video market.

“karaoke” game screenshot

tencent recruit the host announcement: to K song video show coming in late August players to meet with you! Live-action video interaction, new K song experience, looking forward to your arrival! (welfare is quite good, showing the deep pockets of tencent),

the personage inside course of study is how to see?

sing CEO Chen review said, “it seems to be rob yy, 9158 jobs.” Analysts believe that, in fact, tencent, after fulfilling the anchor recruiting launched flagship online KTV mobile application is the natural thing, sing will face strong competition from tencent.

at present, many video sites are transformation towards a development model of 9158: YY by introducing and nasdaq 9158 model, 9158 rooms with imitation and quickly out of the trough, sohu video has the similar business as a core project, and hunting cloud network after the scoop 51 also low-key layout.