Tencent’s co-founder was li qing: 360 stock has a risk

cloud network hunting on September 22 news

qihoo 360 market value of $10 billion breakthrough sparked heated debate. Tencent co-founder has li qing said publicly, nasdaq-listed company qihoo 360 companies have unpredictable risks.

once li qing forward in eastern bay investment chairman but when king pan weibo language.

“I let us responsible for the fund investment away from qihoo shares in the company, because of the unpredictable risks, investors also speak character and taste.”

however, but Lin then reply once li qing said, “when we started to 20 multivariate investment qihoo, your opinion we had seriously discussed internally, but after seen qihoo’s shareholding structure, we decided to or vote.”

once li qing from tencent left in 2007, established the DE – investment co., LTD., mainly engaged in investment banking, investment taomee, seventh avenue, a day tour, too beautiful, fast sowing, natural appeal, tao le, chengdu cloud innovation of science and technology, etc.

the personage inside course of study points out that as a co-founder of tencent, tencent’s former COO, once connected li qing and tencent, and 360 as famous opponent of tencent, “nature is not affected by li qing welcome.”

it is worth noting that even once li qing denounced 360 is risky, but li qing and 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi remains, intersection, all of them are fast play angels.