Tencent technology according to the mobile Because business was OTT

the author: jian-ping lei

in the movement of the communications market big MAC is under growing pains. The 2012 10 for the first time after back, yesterday released a not beautiful results: China mobile ( weibo ) in the first quarter revenue 1347 one hundred million yuan, grew 5.7% ; Share of profits for shareholders 279 one hundred million yuan, grew 0.3% .

although China mobile’s earning power has been valued by the outside world, 2013 years earned more than a day on average 3 one hundred million yuan, profit 0.3% year-on-year growth is still rare since its founding.

the results also revealed the other worries, compared with the previous quarter, China mobile has 4 decline:

, in the first quarter of the average monthly household income ( ARPU ) 63 yuan, last quarter the number of 71 yuan;


, in the first quarter of the average monthly household call minutes ( MOU ) 488 minutes, in the first quarter for 503 minutes;

3 , in the first quarter of the total number of minutes for 10375 minutes, in the first quarter for 10703 $minutes;

4 , wireless Internet business flow in the first quarter for 3826 $ MB last quarter for 4132 $ MB ;

China mobile bottlenecks: net profit increase only 0.3% business OTT

in mobile wireless Internet business flow down by the WLAN flow down, in the first quarter of mobile data traffic 1034 $ MB , WLAN flow for 2792 $ MB ; Last quarter mobile data traffic 897 $ MB , WLAN flow for 3235 $ MB .

China mobile said, the low usage customer increase, more than one card popularization and rates steady adjustment factors, such as the period of ARPU continue to decline. Traditional business development face serious challenges, as much as possible for smooth decline in traditional business operating results to bring adverse effect, increase the telephone marketing. In fact, China mobile SMS business growth is relatively weak, the mobile number using text messages, in the first quarter is 1927 one hundred million, last quarter for 1826 one hundred million.

China mobile is entering a difficult moment. Reports have suggested that interest such as excluding bank and Shanghai pudong development bank contribution to profits, China mobile 2012 year net profit last year from 2011 years back 0.5% , 2012 single meter in the telecommunications business in pre-tax operating profit of 1505.2