Tencent stake in sogou is why?

unexpectedly greatly, the author has determined that the leading role of the deal would be 360. The same is a three-stage rocket model, the same is depend on the client’s powerful diversion ability to liquidate mode. Sogou 360 needed more search market share and team, 360 can bring more cash flow to sohu, so that it can gets a in the field of video. But I could really considering sogou issues ignored wang xiaochuan this vital factor, wang’s “I have an idea, the original play rascal companies to die, but you make this judgment for a couple of years later it is not yet finished, this is reality. In the history of a certain stage may already have this kind of life space “indicates the impossibility of the deal. By tencent holdings, and then can like xiao-long zhang is independent of the development of tencent, for wang has a geek idealism color may be a better choice.

rising share prices make tencent need further imagine space

tencent development situation very rapidly over the past few years, stock prices also in rapid expansion, but also became China’s first in today market break through $100 billion Internet companies. The crux of the problem is that for now, tencent, it comes from the high value-added services and income accounted for the overall proportion of the game. Tencent’s value-added services revenue is mostly based on tencent’s social networking platform, QQ games hall, basically is based on the tencent entertainment gene, the two can be regarded as a piece of income. Other businesses such as electricity, search, advertising, and other fields, hardly able to dominant products in the market. WeChat huge potential while no explosion, but the current commercial attempt, tencent will from the most familiar with value-added services and games. The so-called future can overturn O2O many times are the result of the media hype, tencent in addition to their own small life team provides some additional port, and there is no other special action. In 2013, according to analysys Q1 data, tencent accounted for the entire game market share of 47%, even if can completely monopoly game market share, growth is just 1 times or so. Looking for new business growth point is crucial for tencent, electricity, Internet search and games are the three major business model. Electricity sector a piece of the red sea, and strong opponent, alibaba, jingdong, suning these are not Yi Xun short period could shake. Search now baidu dominance, but in the mobile search war is just beginning. Rely on end to grab market share of the business model has been proved that by 360, sogou, have more powerful client tencent can’t wrong this fat. Although search market share is not high, but is crucial for all products series of tencent, tencent obvious error.

tencent buying sogou potential intention

a, compared with 360, soso and sogou undoubtedly more like family

sogou input method of market share is very high also, Charles I was saying, now im potential hasn’t been excavated. QQ pinyin input method, search, QQ browser this is tencent chicken ribs products better, and sogou merged with a potential company is possible. Sogou three-stage rocket: input method, browser, search, these are all developed tencent’s value, but it is difficult to product. Once the merger with sogou, it integrates the resources can be better to sogou play a role in the development of absolute is much larger than 360. Actually in my favorite field is tencent QQ to search for diversion, when the double Ctrl desktop search was introduced in 360, the author found that tencent QQ chat after pressing the double Ctrl key will also direct the pop-up soso search box. I was very confused, how can think about to give up the soso tencent invested so much of the resources in the search field. Maybe this is for the stake in motion a chain of sogou today. QQ as IM communication tool, its most basic function is the text input, and sogou input method is the industry leader in this field, this is actually the tencent has a great role in promoting the development of future. I have written before the 360 acquisition of sogou possible after eight big dilemma, although it seems not too accurate judgment, but also some level can reflect the 360 with sogou in enterprise culture level.

2, tencent needs strengthening in mobile search

mobile search more emphasis on more than one, and emphasizing the real-time performance and applicability, mobile search more will combine voice, images or two yards, and LBS, web search, mobile search has huge development space in the future. With mobile search is the key, I believe that tencent will not understand this. But tencent in addition to the micro letter, mobile phone QQ on the mobile end almost no decent products, while the application of micro letter industry called the only tickets, but at the same time to enjoy a few legs tencent is obviously not enough. And just sogou can lack of reinforcing tencent in these areas.

three, sohu and tencent, the future will have great cooperation in the field of video

although just a guess, but in the field of video, video like the search business of tencent in the awkward position of the market. Youku tudou firmly occupy the position of the industry’s first, now in the market at least the following potential industry in the second echelon: sohu video, love in the baidu + PPS, ali + sina video, audio, PPTV storm and its potential acquirer, the location of the market to tencent video is running out. For sohu video, facing the pressure of competition, the future also have independent public will, through the cooperation with tencent video, alongside tencent on this big tree, in order to stabilize the position of the second industry, thus further challenge youku potatoes. As to further improve the mobile network, video field will usher in rapid development, its advertisement value will be amplified, the birth of a billion-dollar levels of the company is not impossible. ,

4, baidu and 360 are some pattern, tencent must have

in sina science and technology asked “tencent did not have the search, will focus on the future?” Ma replied, “tencent in the future will focus on security, tencent will focus on invest a lot of cost to do mobile security products, technology products to better support the development of new sogou.” Actually, tencent security products development, in the final analysis or because want to enter the application distribution market. Now whether baidu, or 360, relied on app store + search pattern of distribution. The future application of distribution model in the paper there are three possible: (1) the traditional pattern of app store distribution (2) found in a search engine (3) architecture super app distribution of light application. WeChat there is no doubt on the third possibility has great advantage, but the first two may not dominant. Now focus on safety and application market, give a more professional sogou search team independence to development, is of great significance for tencent.

possible search market change

in tencent in sogou of the big enough to change the Internet industry pattern deal, first reported wang xiaochuan weibo release said: “the Internet industry structure change. New sogou, big dream!!!!!” Change the largest search engine market. Search in the future market will be the last four of the situation: traditional established the strong baidu, 91 wireless acquisition, light application strategy, firmly occupy the first place; 360 by switching the default search engine client occupy about 15% market share, 360 mobile phone assistant, 360 lightning search on the mobile end obvious advantages; Sogou merged with search, using tencent strong social ability, sohu powerful media genes, immense; Alibaba stake in sina, sina acquisition time search and social search is likely to be a major direction in the future. That has as much a spoiler, makes the situation becomes complicated, the author will continue to focus on the exchange with the pattern of the change.