Tencent said there is no direct apply for a banking licence

the company announcement today, clarify the company to apply for a banking licence. Tencent’s the announcement was made at the request of the hkex and. Tencent said in statement, the company did not directly before the plan to apply for a banking licence.

in the announcement, tencent to respond to apply for a banking licence: 1, tencent is a consortium of minority shareholders, the consortium was established including the purpose of seeking a Chinese banking licence to provide banking services and a number of online financial services, the company will be on Internet platform and user interface to complement the services; 2, the company currently has no plans to directly apply for a banking licence.

tencent said at the same time, the company confirmed that the information is not inside information.

prior to this, there are media reports said, including tencent, suning, alibaba, jingdong, companies in the private banking licence application.

source: tencent technology